Why Organic Dog Food Is Better For Your Pet

Why is Organic Dog food is important

Is organic food good for puppies ?

You just want the best for your four-legged friend. We know what you’re going through. Fido is one of your family members. Your canine companion.

It stands to reason that you would go to any length to protect their safety, health, and happiness, but are you doing so? It should come as no surprise that dogs and humans have a lot in common. Both of us might suffer from allergies, worry and tension, as well as hurting joints and tired muscles.

However, many dog owners may not understand that humans, too, are similar to Fido in the sense that our total health is determined by what we put into our bodies.

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That’s correct. Your dog’s health and happiness are intimately tied to their food, just like people’s. As a result, giving Fido with the best, most nutritious food available may make a huge impact.

What, on the other hand, is the finest of the best? Is it really important to have a label? Is it able to ensure that necessary requirements are met?

In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about organic dog food and why your pet will benefit immensely from a high-quality diet.

Why Is Organic Dog Food Important?

It’s critical to realize and comprehend why organic food is beneficial to both you and your dog. Let’s talk about what organic isn’t instead of giving an outline of what organic is.

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When you buy organic, you’re getting something that isn’t:

  • Modified genetically
  • Artificial pesticides and fertilizers have been used in the production of this product.
  • Synthetic growth boosters were used to harvest the crop.

Furthermore, no antibiotics, growth boosters, or medications are used in the production of animal products.

Simply said, if the product is not organic and entirely natural, GMOs and additives are quite likely to be present.

What are genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?

(GMOs), Is organic food good for puppies ?
(GMOs), Is organic food good for puppies ?

So, what precisely are genetically modified organisms (GMOs)? Knowledge is, once again, power. In order to do so successfully, you need to know what you’re avoiding.

GMOs are “organisms whose genetic material (DNA) has been manipulated in a way that does not occur naturally,” according to the World Health Organization. For example, transferring a gene from another creature to change the current organism’s condition.

It’s no secret that the prospect of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has frightened a lot of people. Concerns over the safety of these genetically modified organisms have sparked a lot of debate and conspiracy theories.

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When it comes to GMOs, some scientists suggest that we shouldn’t be concerned. Others, on the other hand, feel that the firms that create GMOs are the ones that support research claiming that genetically modified organisms are safe because they stand to profit from the assertions. (It’s a DRAMA!)

Furthermore, despite the fact that the US and Canadian governments have authorised GMOs, genetically modified crops and goods are outlawed in 38 nations (and counting) throughout the world.

After hearing all of this, many dog owners are left wondering what it all means for their dogs.

Where are GMOs Found?

Here’s when things start to get a little scary. GMOs are all over the place.

Among the crops that have been genetically modified are:

Corn \Soy \Beets \Canola \Rice \Potatoes

Tomatoes \Peas \Alfalfa

The fact that these substances are regularly present in commercial pet meals is particularly concerning (not to mention human food in fact, experts say 70 percent of processed foods for humans contain GMO ingredients).

Let’s look at soy as an example. Soy is a large crop in the United States that is used in both human and pet food. Soy is genetically engineered in an astounding 94 percent of cases. As soon as word of this became public, labels began to change the way they named soy. Soy is currently usually listed as one or more of the following:

  • Hydrolyzed protein
  • Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
  • Lecithin
  • Vitamin E
  • Tocopherols

In addition to tofu, tempeh, and textured vegetable protein, numerous things with vegetable, plant, or bean in the name are all soy-based products.

As you can see, unless you buy organic, avoiding GMOs is nearly impossible.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) = Serious Problems

Furthermore, studies are now establishing a clear link between GMOs and the following issues:

  • Damage to the liver
  • Damage to the kidneys
  • Damage to the immune system
  • Disorders of the digestive system
  • Allergies to the skin and food
  • Cancer
  • difficulties with cognition

Other internal organs, such as the pancreatic and reproductive organs, may be harmed.
Leaky gut and immune system disorders are caused by differences in gut microorganisms.
Disruption of hormones
Autism is a condition in which a (behavior issues in dogs)

How to Avoid Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

The main truth is that buying full, certified organic foods is the most effective approach to prevent the hazards of GMOs.

Genetically modified substances are not authorized in certified organic foods. Furthermore, the items are farmed without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, and the animals bred for food are not given antibiotics, growth boosters, or other medications.

Organic Dog Food Advantages

Thank you for staying with us through that tidbit of data. Again, we feel it is critical to comprehend why you may wish to make modifications as soon as possible.

The path to peak health begins on the inside. Many diseases can be readily treated with dietary modifications (in part by lowering inflammation), yet traditional drugs are frequently recommended to disguise the underlying problem. Conventional medications have a reputation for temporarily masking one problem while causing a plethora of new ones to emerge. We strongly advise you to focus on improving your dog’s diet first. You might be amazed at how often problems go away on their own.

That said, an organic diet has been shown to alleviate a variety of ailments without the need of potentially dangerous medications.

Healthy Digestive System

You’ll most likely see improvements in terms of digestive health when your dog’s food contains organic components. Because the grains and proteins are free of chemicals and artificial compounds, an organic food is much easier for the dog’s body to absorb. You’ll probably notice a difference in your dog’s faces as well. With an organic diet, pet owners report that their dog’s bowel motions are more regular, and any prior diarrhoea or constipation has gone away.

Furthermore, many pet owners claim that their dog consumes less organic, high-quality dog food than they did before switching to a commercial diet. This is because an organic meal is rich in the nutrients that a dog requires, rather than bulk-fillers. As a result, the dog consumes only what their body requires to stay energized.

Allergies and Skin Conditions

Dogs, like their owners, suffer from allergies and related skin problems. Fortunately, another significant advantage of organic substances is the decrease of skin disorders and allergies in general. What gives that this is possible? When it comes to dog allergies, chemical additives, harmful pesticides, and artificial components are all big contributors. As a result, eliminating these ingredients minimizes the likelihood of an allergic response.

In addition, many pet parents are unsure which ingredients Fido is allergic to. Experts recommend that owners start with a fairly bland diet and then gradually reintroduce particular components. What if Fido is allergic to the chemical antibiotics given to the chicken rather than the chicken itself? Changing to an organic diet is a good method to figure out what’s causing your allergic response.

Weight Control

Bulk-fillers are not used in organic dog food. As a result, your dog will not need to eat excessively to be satisfied. When it comes to canine health, obesity is a serious problem, and we feel that prevention is the best therapy. Fido will get all of the nutrition he needs from an organic diet, without any of the unnecessary crap that fills so many bags of commercial dog food.

Levels of Energy

Furthermore, because organic foods include higher quantities of nutrient-dense calories, organic food gives your pet with all the fuel they require to be the greatest, most fun version of themselves.

Immunity and Overall Health

is organic dog food better for dogs?

Your dog doesn’t have to be overweight or have skin problems to benefit from an organic diet. Natural dog food, in fact, has been shown to be a very efficient illness preventative as well as a critical component in ensuring a long and happy life for your dog.

There are no animal by-products.

Finally, there are no animal by-products in organic dog food. More commercial pet food contains animal by-products, such as sick tissues, gluten, and fillers, than you may imagine. When you choose organic, you can be assured that your dog’s food contains only the best meat and fruit.

More to Think About

We discussed why you should avoid GMOs in the food you and your dog eat. However, when it comes to pet food, GMOs aren’t the only threat.

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Dog Food That Is Grain-Free

Before any of our readers get all worked up over the grain debate, we’d want to clarify that we don’t believe grain is intrinsically evil. We, on the other hand, believe that the way grains are farmed and processed should be a source of worry. These techniques have the potential to inflict significant harm to pets, which pet owners should be aware of. Mycotoxin is our main source of worry.


Mycotoxin is a mould or fungus byproduct that is very poisonous. The byproduct has been dubbed “the biggest danger in pet meals today” by pet scientist Trevor Smith. Furthermore, Aflatoxin B1, one of the most well-known mycotoxins, is the most carcinogenic naturally occurring materials known to science.

Here’s when things become a little thorny. Corn, wheat, and barley are examples of cereal grains that contain mycotoxins. So much so that mycotoxins were found in 76 percent of grains and byproducts meant for animal feeding in a worldwide assessment conducted between 2004 and 2013. 76% of the time! That is a mind-boggling figure.

The FDA permits up to 20 micrograms of mycotoxins per kilogram of pet food, which is rather concerning. That’s correct. Despite the fact that we are aware of the devastating impact mycotoxins may have on the liver, heart, lungs, brain, and kidneys, the FDA continues to allow them.

We don’t want to frighten our readers into making drastic lifestyle changes. This knowledge, on the other hand, is freely available. It’s critical to understand what we’re putting into our own bodies, as well as the bodies of our dogs. When you know more, you can perform better.

We Love These Dog Food Brands

When it comes to products and brands, we always advise our readers to do their homework. Knowledge is extremely powerful. With that stated, there are a few brands that we really like.


Small Breed Recipe by Organix Your dog will look forward to dinner if you feed him dry dog food. The beef is freeze dried uncooked and obtained in the United States. A superfood combination of organic flaxseed, organic blueberries, and organic coconut oil is also included in each bag.

Finally, Organix boasts that its products include no artificial colors or preservatives, chemical pesticides, fillers, grains, coloring, or growth hormones or antibiotics. The firm gets two thumbs up from us!

Organix also makes an excellent wet, canned food for older dogs. The canned food is also grain-free and devoid of GMOs. If you’re searching for a nutritious wet food choice, go no further than Organix Organic Canned Adult Dog Food!

Dog food made by Earthborn

Earthborn is a wonderful, all-natural brand that offers grain-free dog food, as well as treats and cat food alternatives. Earthborn is also a holistic brand with grain-free, dry, and canned food alternatives for both dogs and cats.

Wellness Core Dog Food is a high-quality dog food.

Well Core Dog Food comes in seven different flavors and is made entirely of natural components, including antioxidants and probiotics. The dry dog food is also grain-free, so Fido is protected from the dangerous mycotoxins we discussed before.

Stamp of Approval for Organic

Now, there are a few points to be made concerning a product that has received the organic mark of approval. If your product has the USDA Organic label or the Certified Organic mark, it indicates the item must have an ingredients list and the contents must be certified organic to the tune of 95% or higher.

The food must also be devoid of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and dyes, and cannot be processed with industrial solvents, irradiation, or genetic engineering, according to the USDA. Finally, the remaining 5% of the product must be made up of foods or processed with additives from a USDA-approved list.

This is when things may get a little complicated. Pet parents who just search for the USDA organic seal may lose out on important health benefits for their pets. Allow me to explain.

The Bottom Line on Organic Dog Food

We understand that you want the word for your dog at the end of the day. We are all dog enthusiasts and pet owners at Honest Paws. As a result, we understand how heartbreaking it can be when Fido isn’t feeling himself.

We recommend that our readers take a step back and analyze why their dog is suffering. Is the quality of their cuisine up to par with what you would expect for yourself? Are you reading the labels before purchasing a product that appears to be healthy on the surface?.

There are several things pet owners may take to ensure that their furbaby receives all of the advantages that their food source should provide. Choosing organic means that you are not feeding your dog any potentially harmful ingredients, meat by-products, or anything else you wouldn’t consume.

The bottom truth is that general health and happiness start from within. Providing Fido with the highest quality food will result in Fido having the highest quality of life.

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