When does the fetus move in its mother’s womb

Fetal movement in the mother’s womb

The fetus move is the impact of the fetus’s limbs against the anterior abdominal wall of its mother when it is spinning and swimming in the amniotic fluid.

This movement develops and becomes stronger as the fetus grows larger and becomes larger and stronger. The fetus moves different movements from bottom to top and turns from side to side.

This movement indicates that he is healthy and growing properly.

Since the more the mother feels this movement, the better indication is,

Some studies have shown that the movement of the male fetus differs from that of the female.

Fetal movement in the mother's womb
Fetal movement in the mother’s womb

The mother’s feeling of the fetus’s movement

The mother begins to feel the movement of her fetus in the period between the sixteenth and twenty weeks,
That is, at the end of the fourth to fifth month,
The fetus moves at a rate of fifty movements per hour.
Scientists have proven that the movement that the mother feels is only a percentage of the total movements that the fetus makes during its sleep, wakefulness and activities.

The time of the fetus’s movement in its mother’s womb

The fetus begins to move inside the uterus at the end of the eleventh week of pregnancy, but these movements are considered very simple and the mother cannot feel them.
The fetus continues to grow gradually until it reaches the sixteenth week, at which point the mother can feel the first movements of her child.
In most cases, a mother who has given birth can feel her baby’s movements earlier than the eighteenth week.
While a mother experiencing pregnancy for the first time usually feels these movements after the 20th week of pregnancy.

Stages of fetal development during pregnancy months

Stages of fetal development during pregnancy months
Stages of fetal development during pregnancy months

The fetus goes through several stages of development during the nine months of pregnancy.
The types of movement develop during these stages, and the following is a statement of the most important things that the fetus goes through in these months:

first month

Where the fertilized egg grows, it is surrounded by a sac filled with amniotic fluid.
Which works to protect the egg during its development. The placenta also begins to develop, to provide the fetus with the necessary nutrition.
By the end of the first month, the heart is formed in its primitive form, and it begins to beat at a rate of 65 beats per minute.

second month

As the features of the fetus’s face begin to form more clearly,
The buds that will grow to form the limbs of the fetus gradually begin to appear,
The head size is also large in proportion to the size of the body during this month.
The nervous, digestive, and skeletal systems begin to develop during this month.

third month

As the limbs are fully developed during this month,
At the end of this month, all parts of the body will be visible.
Knowing that it will continue to develop and mature in the coming months.
Also, the chances of losing a pregnancy significantly decrease after the third month of it.

Fourth month

The most important thing that happens in this month is that the nervous system of the fetus begins to work,
The doctor can also listen to the fetal heartbeat through special devices.

fifth month

It is the month in which the fetus begins to move, which is noticeable by the mother.
His hair begins to grow.

sixth month

Where the eyelids are separated from each other, and the fetus can open its eyes,
It also responds to external sounds with movement or an increased heart rate.
It is noted that the chance of surviving the fetus under intensive care in the event of premature birth during this month is considered good if this occurs after the 23rd week of pregnancy.

seventh month

During this month, the fetus continues to grow and store fat in its body.
As his sense of hearing is fully developed,
And the amniotic fluid begins to gradually decay.

eighth month

It is the month in which the brain undergoes rapid development.
Movement increases significantly.
All organs of the body except the lungs are considered fully developed.

ninth month

During this month, the development and coordination of the fetus’s reflexes, such as blinking, head and hand movements, are completed. During which the lungs are almost fully developed,
It is normal for the fetus to move less during this month due to space constraints.
The fetus also prepares for the stage of birth by changing its position inside the uterus, so that its head is facing down, and its position is located at the bottom of the pelvis.
The weight of the fetus at the end of this month is about three kilograms, so that the fetus is ready to go out to the outside world.

Tips in case of fetal movement stops

The pregnant mother is advised, if she feels a noticeable lack of fetal movement, to have a cold drink, and to lie on her side,
It also advises to take a rest, and to stay away from the causes of stress, anxiety, and fatigue, and to eat an adequate amount of fruits that contain a high percentage of sugar, to provide the body with the necessary energy,
If the mother does not feel any movement, she should go to the doctor’s visit as soon as possible.
In order to conduct examinations and conduct an echocardiogram of the fetus,
Ensure that the blood is flowing normally to the fetus.

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