What causes hair on a woman’s chin – Hirsutism

what causes hair on a woman's chin

what causes hair on a woman’s chin

Many women are asked what causes hair on a woman’s chin and exposed to the problem of excessive Chin hair appearing in the face area, and this problem is one of the most troublesome problems for women.

Because it works on the appearance of the face in an inappropriate and undesirable manner by others, and women of all ages are affected by this problem, as it is not limited to a specific age

And it may be the result of a certain imbalance in the body’s hormones or other reasons, and many of them find radical solutions to get rid of excess hair and maintain the beauty of the face.

Chin hair in women

It is normal for hair to appear in different places on a woman’s body, and the abundance of this hair varies from one woman to another as a result of several factors. However, there are unfamiliar places where hair appears, including the chin area.

Where it appears in a large number of women, and constitutes a great inconvenience to them; Because the chin is a prominent area of the face, and therefore there must be a set of reasons associated with the appearance of this hair, which we will mention in this article.

what causes hair on a woman’s chin

We will learn about some of the causes of the appearance of chin hair in women


Hair grows significantly as a result of using or taking some types of medications, including: cortisone, birth control pills, some pressure medications, nerves, and vitiligo; It contributes significantly to revitalizing the hair follicles, especially if it is taken for a long period of time.


The reason may be due to the presence of genetic factors; Where hair growth (Hirsutism in woman) is inherited from the father or mother, or the cause may be due to ethnic factors, where hair grows more in people with dark or dark skin than in women with white or light skin, and hirsutism is more prevalent in the Middle East than other regions .

Hormonal disorder

Hormones is from (what causes hair on a woman’s chin) and it’s play a major and essential role in the growth of hair in the chin area, and this explains the excessive Chin hair growth in some women in the puberty stage, or the age after forty, or during pregnancy, where a lot of hormonal changes occur at these times.

These changes result in an increase in the production of the male hormone, the androgen hormone, in many women, which leads to a significant increase in hair growth, and this increase is often accompanied by many symptoms such as:

Menstrual weakness, or stopping, and atrophy in the breast And roughness in the voice, and an increase in muscle growth, and other hormones cause hair growth, including the milk hormone called prolactin.

Ovarian disorder

The ovary secretes hormones that give women feminine characteristics such as: their ability to reproduce, the smoothness of her skin, and little hair growth in her body, and therefore any disturbance in the ovary when producing these hormones will cause adverse results.

Adrenal gland disorder

Any defect in the work of the adrenal gland leads to an increase in Chin hair growth (Hirsutism in woman); They are responsible for the production of male hormones in a woman’s body.

Pituitary gland dysfunction

This imbalance causes an increase in Chin hair growth(hirsutism), but to a lesser extent than a disorder of the adrenal glands and ovaries; Where there is a significant increase in the secretion of milk hormone, accompanied by a deficiency and weakness in the work of the gonads.

Face care

Removing excess facial hair requires special care, and following proper methods to prevent Chin hair from growing back inside the skin, or the appearance of acne, pimples, or sagging skin, which makes the woman look older than her age.

Excessive facial hair treatment

We will learn about some ways to treat excessive Chin hair (Hirsutism in woman) on the chin and excessive hair in different places on the body

The medical treatment

It is first necessary to find out the reason behind the increase in Chin hair (hirsutism) and treat it. Medical tests and examinations related to the glands, ovaries, and body mass must be conducted.

If the cause is genetic, it can only be corrected by using laser, bleaching, or shaving from the roots, and if the cause is unknown, the doctor He resorts to a diuretic drug known scientifically as spironolactone, and this drug inhibits the body’s ability to produce the male hormone.

Home Remedies – Natural Remedies

There are many recipes that reduce hair growth, including the following:
A mixture of oatmeal with natural bee honey and drops of lemon juice, so that the ingredients are kneaded together until the mixture cohesion, to be applied to the face for a period ranging from a quarter to a third of an hour. knowing that the method of removing it requires rubbing in a circular manner against Chin hair growth for a period of time. five minutes.

A mixture of soaked fenugreek seeds, so that the seeds are soaked for a whole night to be rubbed on the face for three minutes.

Note: These recipes may not be suitable for some skin types, such as sensitive skin, or whose owners complain of certain skin diseases, so it is preferable to consult a specialist before use.

Methods to permanently remove facial hair

The percentage of women who have excess facial hair ranges (Hirsutism in woman) between 5-10%, yet facial hair is one of the things that cause a lot of embarrassment for women, and the condition of abnormal facial hair growth is called hirsutism.

And one of the reasons that leads to till then; High levels of testosterone, menopause, polycystic ovary syndrome, high levels of androgens, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, genetic factors, and there are some ways and safe natural recipes to get rid of facial hair.

And we will come To mention it, but if the cause of the problem is a medical condition, it must be treated properly to eliminate the problem radically.

  • There are some common ways to remove facial hair(Hirsutism in woman), including:

  • Use of wax.
  • Thread removal.
  • Use peeling masks.
  • Hair removal with forceps.
  • Electrolysis of hair.
  • Laser hair removal.
  • Hair bleaching.
  • Shaving hair removal.
  • Use a hair removal cream.

How to get rid of excess Chin hair (hirsutism) with salt

These are the most prominent methods and mixtures used to permanently remove excess Chin hair with salt (Hirsutism in woman), in addition to a detailed explanation of the method of preparation and application at home:

First recipe to treat

Ingredients: Coarse table salt, grated olive oil soap, rose water.

Method of preparation and use: Mix the ingredients with each other well until a creamy texture is obtained, then the mixture is placed on the area from which Chin hair is to be removed, and left for an hour or two according to the nature of the excess Chin hair.

And when hair loss is observed, the area is rinsed with lukewarm water, and moistened with water Roses, and it is recommended to conduct an examination on one part of the body to ensure that there is no allergy to one of the components of the mixture.

Second recipe

Ingredients: ½ cup of salt, ¼ cup of cold water.

Method of preparation and use: Mix the ingredients with each other well, then put the mixture on the skin, and massage it, after removing the excess Chin hair from the roots, then leave the mixture on the skin for 10 minutes, then wash it with water and dry it well, and repeat this mixture weekly to get For the best results, and to remove excess Chin hair permanently.

Third recipe

Ingredients: Epsom salt, water.

Method of preparation and use: A bowl is filled with water, then English salt is added to it, and the solution is placed on the body and the areas from which excess hair is to be removed, then massage the area in a circular motion, and this continues for several minutes, after which the skin is washed with water, and dried well.

In this way, we may have known the best ways to remove chin hair for women, the best natural ways to remove chin hair for women, what is the reason for the appearance of chin hair in women.

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