Traveling during pregnancy and its effects

Traveling during pregnancy and its effects

Does travel affect pregnancy. Find out the answer in the following article.
Is there a method of transportation during pregnancy that is safer than others.
You will find the answers, more information and tips in this article:

Does travel affect pregnancy

Does travel affect pregnancy? One of the frequently asked questions by pregnant women
The answer is that it is safe to travel during pregnancy as long as there are no complications or particular risks regarding the pregnancy.

It is safe whether traveling by plane, ship or car
However, there are some important information that you should know to make the trip safer, namely:

Air travel during pregnancy

Air travel is safe during pregnancy, as it allows pregnant women to travel up to the eighth month
In certain cases, it may be allowed to travel in the ninth month after taking the doctor’s permission.

Factors affecting air travel during pregnancy

Air travel during pregnancy
Air travel during pregnancy

There are some factors that may affect pregnancy while traveling by air, including the following:

  • Severe anemia.
  • heart disease;
  • respiratory system diseases.
  • bleeding;
  • Bone fractures.
  • Women who are at risk of preterm birth.

Tips for pregnant women when traveling by air

There are some tips and advice that you should take into consideration:

  • Make sure to hold the backs of the seats well while moving, as most planes have narrow aisles and bathrooms, or choose a seat from which the bathroom can be easily reached.
  • Wear compression stockings to reduce the risk of blood clotting.
  • Avoid small travel planes and altitudes over 2,133 meters.

Traveling by ship during pregnancy

It is not allowed to travel by sea for pregnant women after 24 – 28 weeks of pregnancy

But in general, travel by sea is safe for most pregnant women, but the movement of the ship may cause some side effects, such as: nausea.

Traveling by ship during pregnancy
Traveling by ship during pregnancy

Therefore, there are some guidelines that make traveling by ship safer and more comfortable, and they include the following:

  • Ensure that there is no risk to the health of the mother and fetus before traveling, and consult a doctor about seasickness medications.
  • Ensure that there is a doctor on board the ship in case of any pregnancy complications during travel.
  • Check whether the water is safe to drink, and continue to eat healthy food.

Road travel during pregnancy

Traveling by land is safe for pregnant women, but pregnant women may be exposed to some risks while traveling by land

Including diarrhea due to germs and microbes that may be present in water and food

Which leads to dehydration in the pregnant woman, so here are some important tips:

  • Consult a doctor before traveling to ensure the health of the mother and fetus.
  • Drink a lot of water and canned liquids.
  • Stay away from fresh fruits and vegetables that can be peeled, such as: oranges-bananas.
  • Ensure that food is cooked thoroughly, especially meat and fish.
  • Fasten seat belts at the level of the pelvis and below the hips, and make sure that the airbags work to reduce any potential risk to the pregnant woman and the fetus.
  • Do stretching and stretching exercises while resting on the flight to keep the blood flowing.

What is the best time to travel during pregnancy

I got to know the answer to the question

And now you want to know for sure what is the best time to travel

The answer is that some women prefer not to travel in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy due to nausea, vomiting and extreme fatigue

It may also increase the risk of miscarriage, especially in the first trimester.

While traveling in recent months can be tiring and uncomfortable

So the ideal time to travel is in the second trimester of pregnancy after the symptoms of nausea and vomiting have improved and you can also navigate easily.

Travel tips for pregnant women

After I got to know the answer to the question, does travel affect pregnancy

We give you some other tips:

  • Wear loose-fitting, cotton clothes, and wear comfortable shoes during the flight.
  • Take a comfortable pillow, and carry some light foods with you.
  • Take your pregnancy medical records with you.
  • Protect your skin from the sun’s rays by using sunscreen.
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