tips to keep your hair healthy and shining

tips to keep your hair healthy and shining

How to take daily hair care and know tips to keep your hair healthy and shining

Combing hair is an intuitive step, but it is one of the most important tips to keep your hair healthy and shining you have to do to take care of the hair.

because it prevents hair from shrinking, distributes natural oils evenly in the hair, promotes healthy hair growth, and gives it a wonderful shine.

this is advised not to comb the hair if it is wet, as well as untie or tangle the hair from the end of the hair limbs to the scalp.

Hair washing

this is based on the type and texture of the hair, and we will summarize this in the following points:

Rough/dry hair:

this type we know as hair fragility and you need to wash it every two or three days per week.

Soft/fatty hair:

for this type we recognize if the hair is greasy one day after washing and you need to wash it daily.

Normal hair:

we know this type if the hair is not too greasy one day after washing, and you need to wash it day by day.

tips to keep your hair healthy and shining while shampooing.

there are some tips to follow while shampooing:

Be careful to shampoo in small quantities, in circular movements, and focus on a certain area of dirt-filled hair such as an area below the neck.

Take care to massage the scalp while shampooing.

as this increases blood flow to the head, stimulating hair growth, as well as giving hair shine due to natural oils.

you should use shampoo for rough and dry hair care.

we recommend washing soft/fatty hair, with a light, non-creamy shampoo.

you can wash normal hair in any type of shampoo, taking care to use good types of shampoo for the best results.

tips to keep your hair healthy and shining while applying balsamic hair.

there are some tips to follow while applying conditioner to the hair:

Hair balm is a body moisturizer, helping to keep the strands hydrated and manageable.

Take care to use your hands by applying conditioner and using a wide-tooth comb.

The use of a moisturizing balm and its placement from the roots of the hair ending with its limbs is one of the most important tips to keep your hair healthy and shining.

If the hair is soft/greasy:

we recommend using a light balm and avoiding placing it on the roots of the hair

so that you place it from the middle to the end of its limbs.

If the hair type is normal, we recommend using any balm type and you place it from the roots to the ends.

Applying different products to hair is one of the top tips to keep your hair healthy and shining

as these products help to style hair properly, such as hair stabilizer, wax, or serum to give it shine and to get rid of volatile hairs and other products.

you should notice that the use of these products that you shouldn’t waste it.

and large amounts of them you should place it.

it may harm hair, make it more greasy and oily, or reduce its size.

you should protect your hair from electrical hairdressers such as a hairstylist or an electrical hair individual machine using heat protection products.

as well as giving hair a break from stress for several days, using products and exposing it to heat through hairdressers.

Hairdressing may be questioned by many about how to take care of and filter hair for men.

you should notice that hairstyling depends on the occasion; Haircare at night is an important piece of advice for how to take care of hair for girls.

it helps to untie any hair knots you formed by mistake during the day.

and before bedtime, we recommend tying the hair ponytail tie or making a braid/braid.

in order to secure the hair and protect the strands of hair from tangling or breaking during sleep.

tips to keep your hair healthy and shining

tips to keep your hair healthy and shining
tips to keep your hair healthy and shining

There are some tips that will keep the hair healthy.

reduce damaged hair problems and prevent problems:

  • you have to drink plenty of water daily.
  • we should cut the limbs regularly to avoid dryness, damage, or pounding of limbs.
  • not to over-wash it.
  • not to overexpose it to high temperatures, or to over-ripple or dye it.

you should protect your hair from sunlight, as it can dry it, especially if the hair is dyed, as there are tips for taking care of dyed hair.

and if you expose it for long periods the hair can be covered by wearing a hat or spraying a hair stabilizer to the degree of SPF protection.

The need to avoid severe hair binding

such as this way causes great damage to it and leads to breakage, as you should give your hair a break from the hair ties and individuality for a period of time

Ensure a healthy diet rich in the necessary elements to ensure that you nourish your hair and improved such as essential fatty acids, found in flaxseed oil, salmon, tuna, walnuts, and almonds.

Proteins are found in fish, chicken, eggs, and soy products.

Vitamin B6, which is found in bananas, potatoes, and spinach.

Folic acid, found in fruits and vegetables, particularly citrus fruits and tomatoes, as well as whole grains, beans, and lentils one of our tips to keep your hair healthy and shining.

Stay away from smoking.

which damages the hair and makes it dull and ready to break down.

De-stress and stress, which plays a major role in hair loss and other problems, is done through yoga, cycling, or meditation.

Main hair care, dry hair care methods, and tips to keep your hair healthy and shining.

Dry hair care methods and tips that save your hair

tips to keep your hair healthy and shining
tips to keep your hair healthy and shining

we found several types of hair, including dry, greenery, and normal, and each type has certain methods of care and treatments.

we will talk in this article about ways to take care of dry hair, which is a problem for many, and tips to keep your hair healthy and shining:

Dry hair care methods

Here are the highlights of dry hair care:

Reduce the number of times hair wash.

Instead of bathing and shampooing daily, you can reduce it to once or twice a week, thereby reducing hair exposure to chemicals in shampoo, and reducing the need for hot air and thermal smoothing hair styling.

Using a shampoo for dry hair that is gentler and less harmful and contains less dehydrating substances helps take care of your dry hair.

  • Use a balm for hair

The use of a moisturizing hair balm maintains and protects the outer layer of the hair, keeping more natural oils inside, thereby reducing dry hair.

  • Use natural oils

Natural oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, and mint oil can be used to massage hair before bathing, as natural oils give a shiny and healthy hair appearance

  • Cut the hair tips

Cutting broken and broken ends help reduce the frizzy, volatile appearance of hair, and gives hair a more streamlined look.

  • Take vitamin and mineral supplements

Vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin B12, vitamin D, folic acid, selenium, and iron are prepared to maintain healthy and shiny hair.

  • Keep hydration

By drinking enough water daily, coconut water is also very useful for hair.

  • Avoid using products that are not suitable for hair

Alcohol is a dried substance that you can find in some hair care products, so any hair products containing alcohol should be avoided to reduce dry hair.

we also prefer to avoid using shampoo intended to remove dandruff because it causes dry hair

  • Use customized treatments for dry hair

If you don’t benefit from any of the dry hair care methods we mentioned.

you can ask your hairdresser about certain professional treatments he can do to take care of your hair. 

Tips for styling dry hair correctly

tips to keep your hair healthy and shining
tips to keep your hair healthy and shining

We mentioned at the beginning of the article that one of the ways to take care of dry hair is not to overdress and use heat on it.

and we will mention here some tips from hair experts to style hair in a healthy and healthy way to maintain it from dehydration: 

Wrap the hair with a towel after use or leave it to dry naturally outdoors, and do not expose it to the thermal dryer immediately after washing.

Leave the hair to dry before combing, as the hair is more sensitive and prone to break when wet and prefers to leave it to dry and then comb it, unless the hair is curly, such as:

African hair prefers to comb it wet to reduce the chances of breaking it.

Do not over-comb the hair, as combing hair can cause an average of 100 movements per day to bombard the hair.

Avoid using hair-stabilizing products, such as spray, as combing hair after developing these products may cause hair to break and fall.

we prefer to use another method over dry hair, put a little heat to medium and not use high heat, but for the device, you use to wrap the hair should not leave it on the hair strand for more than two seconds.

as the heat causes the hair to break down.

Do not use hair connections constantly, as they cause hair tightening and breakage, which can cause permanent hair loss.

Causes of dry hair

After talking about dry hair care methods, we will know what causes dry hair in the following:

  • Overwash and wash hair daily.
  • Use shampoos and powerful cleaning materials or contain alcohol.
  • Frequent use of air dryer and thermal hair smoothing.
  • Malnutrition and neurotic anorexia, depriving the body of vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy and shiny hair growth.
  • Exposure to dry air, due to changing weather at certain times of the year.
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Menkes syndrome, a disease in which the body is unable to absorb copper, affects the physical and mental development of the infected person.

These are our tips to keep your hair healthy and shining.

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