Swollen feet: 14 causes, treatments

Swollen feet in women

Swollen feet in women

Women suffer from many different health problems, most notably swollen feet, which doctors classify into three main types based on the causes that led to their infection, knowing that they are natural in many cases as a result of walking for hours or a long time, or as a result of high body temperature, but At other times, it may be associated with more serious pathological causes.

Here, serious signs and symptoms appear, such as the appearance of varicose veins or the inability to breathe and feeling pain in the thoracic region, in addition to disturbances in heart rate and blood pressure; Therefore, we will discuss here the main causes that lead to swollen feet to avoid them as much as possible, the most important of which are the following:

A bruise or a specific blow: This is one of the most common causes of swelling of the feet, which causes swelling in a certain part of the foot or several parts, and the most prominent of these parts is the leg or joint. As for the injuries that cause swelling and swelling of the feet, they include ankle sprain, which is The most prevalent in addition to the accidents or stumbles that women encounter while walking.

Make a great effort: There are many activities that women do, or even housework, that lead to swollen feet and sometimes, when neglected, they may develop into an infection in one of the joints of the feet.

Water retention: When large amounts of water accumulate in the body, this leads to swelling of many areas of the body, most notably the feet. Swollen areas of the foot due to water retention appear in the leg and lower limbs.

Causes of numbness and tingling in legs and feet

Kidney failure: Kidney failure is one of the most common diseases or problems that lead to swollen feet. Because infection with it makes the kidneys unable to get rid of the effects of table salt in the body, so these effects attract water molecules, which leads to the retention of large amounts of water in the body, and thus the feet get bloated and swellings that sometimes reach the lungs if the water in the body big.

Heart failure: Heart failure affects the functioning of the kidneys in the body, which attracts water molecules and thus leads to its retention, then swelling of the feet, and the deficit stimulates the secretion of certain hormones, most notably aldosterone, which works to lock water in the body as well, knowing that the incidence of cirrhosis of the liver It works the same way and also causes bloating.

Swollen legs treatment

  • Follow a healthy diet to lose extra weight.
  • Reduce the amount of salt in food, and avoid salty foods.
  • Avoid standing or sitting for long periods.
  • Walking regularly, extending the legs.
  • Wear compression stockings when traveling or standing for long hours.
  • Raise the legs above the level of the heart, for a third of an hour every several hours, to allow gravity to move the fluid toward the heart.
  • Doing exercise on a daily basis, such as swimming and cycling.
  • Eat healthy foods.
  • Manual lymphatic drainage, performed by a physical therapist, especially in hot weather.
  • Mechanical lymphatic drainage, using techniques useful for circulatory and lymphatic circulation. Surgery, through liposuction.

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