Sweating while sleeping causes

Sweating while sleeping

Sweating while sleeping causes

Multiple causes that may cause night sweating or sleep, or sweating at night, or hyperthyroidism during sleep, and before you begin mentioning that the occurrence of sweating during sleep because of excessive use of covers or wearing layers of clothes above the need It is no longer anxious and does not indicate that there is no health disorder, even if this sweating causes a person’s wake up and a reason for disturbing, and the most important of these reasons can be made in what comes:


Menopause is defined as the age of women so that the menstrual cycle has been interrupted for at least twelve consecutive months, in the sense that the menstrual cycle has been absorbed for a full year connected.

And the age of menopause in women is 5 Age, and the truth is preceded by a transitional stage, which occurs during the age period, which occurs within the age period between 40 women, and the fact that the inflation during sleep is a natural physiological matters that occur when you achieve age as well as at the stage Prior to reaching,.

Due to the low level of estrogen or changes during these periods, as the pre-age desperation is less produced for a set of hormones, Austrogen (Estrogen), testosterone, and progesterone, as well as disorder and irregular The monthly cycle.

And estrogen changes are directly linked to night sweating as ours; On the basis of the results of the study published in 2015 in the Journal of BMC Women’s Health, the most common menopause symptoms are hot donations and night sweating; Some 40% of women carrying young men, suffering from hot donations, and about 17% suffering from night sweating.


In fact, pregnant women suffer from sweating overnight, especially in the first trimester and third or the last third of the pregnancy, as well as an increase in postpartum sweating as well, and therefore can be said that the feeling of women in these cases is largely reduced and reduced About it is very normal, the cause of the pregnant woman can be explained by excessive heat and sweating increases more than the need:

Hormonal changes occur during pregnancy; These changes have a significant role in interpreting symptoms that appear on pregnant women, including night sweating, where these hormones cause internal body temperature and thus increase sweating.

Increase the amount of blood conducted in the blood vessels during pregnancy, and increased blood volume feels the pregnant warmth more than usual.

Weight gain during pregnancy play an important role in increasing the rate of sweating during sleep.

Increase metabolic rates; It is intended for fat burning, calories and construction rates, as the speed of these processes is increasing during pregnancy, because the body of the pregnant woman at this stage is working for two; Mother and two.

Increased sweating rate during pregnancy as a result of some activities, as exercise, home cleaning, or walking, or participating in some activities that the body is working.

Hyperplator unknown reason

Idiopathic hyperhidrosis is the case where hyperthyroidism is at any time and especially when the injured is subjected to anxiety.

Infection and infections

Infection and infections can cause temperatures that are accompanied by sweating, and although the bacterial infection is more consideration of night sweating compared to viral infections, but some types of viral infections may cause night sweating.

Including Human ImmunodeFiciency Virus and Acronym HIV, which causes AIDS, and as for bacterial infection, it is causing a result of a result of the high temperature that is not linked to night, in the sense that the infection may suffer from sweating at any time of day.

Including day or night, The influenza infection should be clarified that there are some types of bacterial infections known to be caused by more than any night sweating, including infective endocarditis, which is infective an inflammation of heart valves, as well as osteoporosis, and output , Maltese fever (Brucellosis), all bacterial infection may cause lines.

Low blood sugar

Hypoglycemia is intended for the lowest sugar level for the limit of the body needs to perform its functions on the desired face. This situation usually knows when the blood sugar reading is low for 70 mg / DL, and the statement is that the problem of low sugar than cases Popular health occurred between diabetics.

Specifically people who take insulin, even among those who organize their condition well, although few occurring, and for the low blood sugar relationship with night sweating; The fact that this drop at night is causing lines, and they are usually accompanied by headaches and sleeping disorder and nightmares.

Take certain drugs

Some types of medicines can cause night sweating, including some types of anti-depression drugs, based on the results of the study in 2013 and annotated in the Journal of Innovations in ClinoScience; The proportion of people who take antidepressants and suffer from excessive sweating range from 4-22%, and some other psychiatric drugs can cause the night of night sweating, as well as drugs used to reduce heat such as paracetamol and aspirin, and other medications that may cause sweating Night What comes:

Hormonal disorders

Sweating or hot donations can result from disorder or malfunction in some hormones in the body, and from cases of hormone disorder that caused inseparable sleep:

Peochromocytoma, which is a rare and rare gland tumors, and causes an increase in adrenal glands for their hemorrhoids, especially the eternal hormone known as Adrenaline and Norbenverrine or Noridenalin, and when the glands secretion of these hormones starts a large group of Symptoms and such cases occur in the form of gifts or spells.

The syndrome: This syndrome occurs when the cancer tumor that brings chemicals to the bloodstream, which causes the emergence of a set of symptoms, and the fact that this tumor usually infects the gastrointestinal and lungs, and science is rare.

Hyperthyroidism: This situation is an increase in thyroid secretion of its hemorrhoids.

Sweat and pregnancy

The increase in women’s sweating is one of the early pregnancy symptoms and occurs as a result of physical and hormonal changes in pregnancy.

Estrogen is increasingly reduced during pregnancy, these changes in the estrogen are interpreted in the brain as an increase In the temperature of the woman’s body, leading to sweating that the body can get rid of excess heat.

It is worth mentioning that sweat resulting from pregnancy does not have that breasts associated with the usual sweat, as well as not rely on this offer alone to detect the presence of pregnancy, Women swallows only one of many changes and symptoms that women can note and suffer from women at the beginning of their campaign.

Tips to deal with sweating during pregnancy

The pregnant woman is advisable to deal with free feeling and increased race accompanying pregnancy as follows:

Wear loose and cold clothes, especially if the atmosphere is hot, preferably cotton clothes.
Avoid out of the house in the hot atmosphere as much as possible.
Drinking fluids constantly, and in general pregnant women must drink enough water, and keep their body moisture.

Open windows, run the air conditioning, or fan at home or in the workplace if the temperature is high.
Take a water bath when feeling free and sweating, as well as swimming is suitable for pregnant women because they help to increase women’s activity, nor sweating, in addition to their ability to relieve body temperature.

Remove the smell of sweat

The problem is due to the odor of the buttocks of different reasons, such as bacteria growth in some areas of the body, genetic factors, genes, and other reasons that we will know in this article, in addition to identifying some ways, steps, tips and natural recipes to get rid of the smell securely .

Sweating is a function of natural body functions, which operate on balance and control body temperature.
Lack of or lack of sweating or excessive sweating may expose the person to some problems.
The change in style or lifestyle can relieve sweating and smell.

Natural recipes to get rid of sweat

There are many natural alternatives and secure recipes for aroma remover, these are some of these recipes:

Baking soda

This recipe works as an unknown sweating and a mockery of the sweat, and its way is:
Ingredients: A teaspoon of baking soda. The amount of water. Kind of one of the aromatic oils.

Preparation method: Mix baking soda with a quantity of water for a mixture, then places a few points from the appropriate aromatic oil. The mixture is placed on areas exposed to sweating.

Damage deodorant

The experiment showed that the use of sweat remover may cause symptoms of sensitive skin reactions, damage to sweat removers, particularly species containing aluminum compounds, and the symptoms of this problem may appear on one or more symptoms as they come:

  • The skin redness or dry.
  • Dermatitis.
  • The emergence of pimples.
  • Peel the skin and fall crumbling.
  • Breathing difficulty.
  • Swelling tongue or face or lips.
  • Skin rash.

Causes of night sweating in children

Night Sweats is a severe sweating and can be divided into two types depending on the cause, two:

  • Primary sweating: is a sweating that occurs without a clear health reason, or which happens as a result of severe warmth.
  • Secondary sweating: is the general sweating of each body resulting from medical reasons.

High bedroom temperature

Children need deep sleep every night to build and repair their bodies, and if the atmosphere is warm or wet the baby can cause night sweating, because the child’s body is fully developed and is unable to organize its temperature automatically when the weather is warm.

Which causes an increase in the volume of ethnic glands, leading to sweating, and many blankets can also lead to child sleep to increase night sweating, for non-ability of children to get rid of heavy clothes and bedding.

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