Signs of healing of the birth wound

Signs of healing of the birth wound

Signs of healing of caesarean section wound

The caesarean section wound heals mostly two weeks after delivery, and in general the healing period of the caesarean section wound ranges fully and completely between six weeks and three months.

And signs of healing: the improvement of the appearance of the wound, and the number of increase in size, it is worth noting that the presence of the scar does not mean that the wound has not healed; They become pale over time, knowing that there are some cases where the scar is clear and prominent from the skin level, but this is rare, and does not mean that the wound does not heal.

Tips for promoting caesarean section healing include:

Ensure that you eat well and choose healthy foods, in order to ensure that the body gets its need for nutrients that promote wound healing and healing, i.e. provide it with its nutrient need to build tissues.

Keep the wound clean to avoid infection.

Avoid carrying heavy objects and hard household chores as well as large movements during the first six weeks of birth, in order to avoid tightening or irritation of the wound.

Signs of healing of the natural birth wound

A natural birth wound, perineum or episiotomy usually recovers an hour after normal delivery. Severe vaginal bleeding may occur at first, but it quickly subsides with the pressure and surgical strands used. For surgical strands they usually come down alone over time, often needing seven to ten days.

In some cases, it may take two weeks. It is recommended to keep the area clean by washing it with warm water to avoid infection, while at the same time. Note that toilet papers are not used to clear the area so as not to get irritated, and it is worth seeing your doctor if the pain increases.

How do I take care of a caesarean section wound?

Pain is a natural part of recovery after normal birth, meaning that pain is not associated with the problem of healing the birth wound, unless it increases in severity, and often feels it when urinating or directing, or even when sitting or walking, sitting in a bath seat of warm water may help to recover.

First month pregnancy care tips

In addition to the possibility of using ice cubes after wrapping them with a piece of cloth, but for the pain of directing can be alleviated by taking laxatives after consulting a doctor, and making sure to drink Equivalent amounts of fluids.

Tips for speeding up the healing of a natural birth wound

Tips for speeding up the healing of a natural birth wound include:

  • Take a bumper break when feeling tired.
  • Avoid carrying heavy objects.
  • Avoid rapid and violent movements, taking care to walk slowly every now and then.
  • Bathe as usual, taking care not to dry the wound position after each time.
  • Avoid using tampons and vaginal showers until your doctor allows.
  • Too much water.
  • Abide by your doctor’s instructions on taking all painkillers and medications.
  • See your doctor if you notice any strange sign or increase the severity of the pain.
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