Side effects of under-eye filler injections

under-eye filler injections

Under-eye filler injection

Under-eye filler injections or filling is one of the cosmetic ways to treat wrinkles problems, and this is one of the ways in which surgical intervention is not used, and filler injections are useful in rejuvenating and rejuvenating the skin and getting rid of wrinkles.

What is filler injection?

And this method of treatment has the ability to get rid of the problem of dark circles and surrounding fine lines In the eyes, halos are most likely caused by the presence of a sunken cavity at the bottom of the eye, and when filling these cavities using filler injections, the problem of halos will disappear.

How filler injection works

Filler injections are made up of a group of chemical compounds or natural ingredients with flexibility, and examples of these compounds are collagen, silicone, and hyaluronic. They do not cause damage to the skin.

And these compounds are placed in injections to be injected into the cavities and places where wrinkles and fine lines are formed, and these injections result in more fresh skin, but these injections are not suitable for those who suffer from sagging skin caused by age.

under-eye filler injections

And it does not help People who have lost a lot of weight and resulted in significant sagging of the skin, in these cases, surgical intervention is the best solution.

Types of filler injections

The first is temporary or not permanent: this type of filler lasts for a period ranging from six months to about two years, and this type is the safest and most widespread.

The second is permanent: this type has many negative effects on the skin, and these effects may worsen to cause even greater problems.

Filler injection side effects

Despite the benefits provided by filler injections that distinguish it from surgical treatments, it still causes some damage. The substance injected into the skin, even if it is safe, will have side effects. It has many health problems, and the most common side effects of filler injections are:

No matter how much the body accepts the substances injected into the skin, whether they are fatty substances from human or animal sources, they will not be completely safe and will cause some health complications, such as causing blockage of arteries and stroke.

Granuloma: A person develops this disease as a result of the antibodies present in the body, which treat the injected substance into the skin as an alien substance. Surgical intervention is required to get rid of these vesicles from the skin.

Allergies: Many suffer from allergic reactions resulting from the use of filler injections, and the reason for this is the body’s lack of acceptance and sensitivity to animal protein.

Lumps: Sometimes the material is not distributed properly, which leads to its gathering in one place, and the only solution to get rid of these clumps is to resort to surgical intervention.

Bruises: During the injection of the filler into the skin, bleeding occurs within the skin to form in the form of bruises that disappear from the skin after days.

Infections: Sometimes filler injections cause severe infections that contain the abscess, and in this case, you should go to the hospital to take the appropriate measures.

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