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shaving tools

Men’s shaving

When shaving, a man depends on using the best shaving tools and special men’s products that preserve and take care of his outer appearance.
Some men are very keen on a look and appearance that reflects his personality, beauty and masculinity. All this is shown by shaving the chin in an appropriate manner that matches his own taste; Some men are keen to smooth the face so that it is free of chin hair and mustaches.
Therefore, men’s shaving is unique to each man, using the specialized tools that he is used to in shaving.

1-Men’s shaving tools

shaving tools
shaving tools

Usually there are common tools for men’s shaving, whether in homes or in men’s salons.

Therefore, some allocate a special bag that contains all the necessary shaving tools, and we mention here the competition of many companies.

Some of them have succeeded in manufacturing world-class brands of high quality shaving products that serve the young man in his shaving.

The tools used in shaving are:

Beard Shaving & Shaving Tools

  • Shaving and smoothing machine

A sharp and sensitive tool that removes beard hair.

They are equipped with sharp main blades, and there are many world-famous brands in the manufacture of razor blades. Men use them daily, and renew them when needed.

However, with the advancement of technology, electric shavers have been manufactured that serve the purpose of shaving or reducing beard hair and drinkers.

They are available in countless types, and they are usually connected to an electric charger, and after being charged, the man can control the shaving process easily and accurately; As a result of being carried by hand without being tied with wires.

  • Shaving cream and paste, the wide shaving brush that spreads shaving cream on the face, and the sharp mousse.

When applying the cream, it is straightened with a brush on the entire chin, and then it is removed with a sharp mousse without causing any wound to the face; This is a traditional method used in men’s salons.
The chin or beard hair can also be defined in a modern way that suits the face of the young man, and the man can use small scissors to soften the hair of the drinkers without shaving them by cutting long hair.

  • Sterile Cologne

It is used to disinfect wounds, if any, and is used after shaving, and it has a refreshing smell that makes the man shine, and we advise the man to use pre-shave powder that relieves skin sensitivity.

Men’s haircutting tools

Men’s hair is always dominated by thick and short hair, and this is what characterizes the vast majority of men.

It is rare to see men with long hair; Short hair does not need many tools when shaving and does not take a long time as well. All a man needs is scissors and a comb, and he chooses his hairstyle that suits him.

The barber shaves the hair; Where he puts the razor, it is an important part of cutting hair; It is placed around the neck to avoid the entry of small hairs into the clothes.

At home, the electric machine is used to reduce hair, but it is preferable to cut hair in salons.
After shaving, wax or hair gel is used to fix the style.

2-How to shave your beard

shaving tools
shaving tools

1-Prepare shaving tools

The steps for preparing shaving tools are as follows:

  • Choosing the right razor:

When choosing a shaving tool, several things must be taken into consideration, namely the roughness of the hair, the texture of the skin, and the preferred method of shaving, is it using traditional blades, or using electric razors.

  • Keep shaving tools clean and sharp:

wash them with cold water, and avoid using hot water; Because it makes the blade wide, and thus loses its effectiveness.

2-Face preparation

The face can be prepared by the following steps:

  • Shortening the beard: In the case of a long beard, it is important to shorten it using special scissors for hair before starting to shave, as a long beard hinders a great process.
  • Washing the face: the face must be washed to clean it and prepare it for shaving; This is due to insomnia and skin irritation.
  • Moisturizing: Moisturize the face of your favorite head or shoe
  • Shaving oil application: Shaving oil is used to nourish the skin, facilitating the shaving process by making it start with the language of air, easily feeling tender after shaving.

3-Beard shaving

The beard can be shaved by following these steps:

  • Start shaving both sides of the face; Because they are easier to deal with.
  • Then this is done by slowly moving the razor on the face with the direction of hair growth, taking into account not to press too hard. The goal is to cut the hair, not the skin.
  • Move to more difficult spots, such as: mustache, lower lip, and neck. And shave by slightly stretching the skin to flatten the surface, making it easier to glide the razor.
  • Rinse the face with cold water when finished, and after shaving cream can be applied.
  • Repeat the process depending on how fast the hair grows, usually the duration ranges from 1-3 days.

4-Electric razor

It is up to the person to use an electric razor, or a traditional razor.
Some people prefer electric razors, as they are easier and faster. All you have to do is press the power button and move the tool, but on the other hand, the blade gives a better and smoother shave.

Benefits of shaving paste for the skin

shaving tools
shaving tools

It has many benefits for the skin, as shaving paste contains some vitamins that effectively cleanse and smooth the skin.

It also greatly helps in a smooth shave free of any cuts or scratches on the skin,

in addition to that, it cleans the hands of dirt and unpleasant odors as well.
Contrary to what some expect, it does not affect acne, if it is present on the skin.

There are many benefits of shaving paste, including:

Effectively removes stains from carpets and rugs, such as coffee and tea stains, and others.

The formula of shaving paste is designed with long-lasting bubbles and thus is useful in getting rid of stains.

It can be used by first drying the stains, then applying a little of it, leaving it a little, and then rubbing it with a damp sponge.

Used effectively to clean gas ovens from stubborn fats that accumulate on ovens and greatly annoy women,

and is used by placing an appropriate amount of shaving paste inside the oven or on stains,

then leaving it a little until it turns brown or black as a result of consuming the amount of fats and oils And dirt, after which the foam is rinsed with water or it can be removed with a piece of cloth dampened with water, and with repeating the process, the fat will be permanently disposed of.

other Benefits of shaving paste for the skin

It can be used to clean mirrors in a simple way, by placing a little shaving paste on the mirror, then removing the foam with a dry sponge, so as to get a clean, unpolluted mirror.

It removes nail polish easily by applying the paste on the nails and then rubbing it with a tissue.

Used to shines water taps, which are very dirty due to the accumulation of lime and water deposits on them, and because the shaving paste consists of a good percentage of fatty acids with strong effectiveness, it removes scale effectively.

It removes the annoying sounds that the doors make when they open or close, and a little paste can be placed on the place of the cracks that cause those sounds, then rub it well and wipe it with a wet towel.

It cleans sports shoes because of its bleaching properties, thus removing dirt without leaving any traces.

Removes stains from clothes, and it can also be used to clean bathrooms, as an alternative to cleaning materials for bathroom tiles.

Wet shaving

There are several types of manual razors:

safety razor and straight razors. Safety razors are also subdivided into two-edged razors, one edge, injector razors and another type is cartridge razors and last one is disposable razors.

we name two-edge razors by this name so because of the blade that we use has double sharp edges on opposite edges of the blade.

Current multi-bladed cartridge manufacturers attempt to differentiate themselves by having more than or fewer blades than their competitors,

each arguing that their product delivers a good shave quality at a more reasonable price.

Before you will do wet shaving, the area you will shave is usually doused in warm to hot water by washing or bathing or covered for sometime with a hot wet cloth to soften the skin and soften hair. A lathering or lubricating agent like cream, or shaving soap, gel, foam or oil is normally put after this. Lubricating and moisturizing the skin to be shaved helps to prevent irritation and damage we know as razor burn. Many razor cartridges include a lubricating strip, made of polyethylene glycol, to work instead of or in supplement to extrinsic clients. It’s work is also lifts and also softens the hairs, causing them to swell.

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