Proper skincare routine for you

Proper skincare routine for you

Although the concept of skincare is very easy, the action is more complex! Learn with us how to choose the proper skincare routine for you in this article.

choosing a particular protein suitable for the nature of your skin is not easy, but knowing how to take care of your skin has a big impact on getting healthy and fresh skin, so we’ll learn in detail how to take care of your skin:

How to take care of skin

There are a variety of different ways to list how to take care of your skin, the most important of which are:

Find out what type of skin you are

The most important way to start skincare is to know the quality of your skin, to find out the right way to take care of it.

Skin types include:

Dry skin: The skin is rough and scaly.

Oily skin: It is shiny and pores can be large.

Mixed skin: In some areas, they are dry, especially cheeks, and other fatty areas, especially the forehead, nose, and chin.

Sensitive skin: Skin that irritates once it comes into contact with any new substance, as you may feel tingling or itching after using some cosmetics.

Normal skin: Balanced, not sensitive.

Protect your skin from sunlight

The second thing about how to take care of your skin is to protect your skin from sunlight, whether your skin is greasy, normal, sensitive, or any other type.

Sunlight can damage your skin for life, wrinkles, and spots and increase your risk of skin cancer, so you should take care of it by following these instructions:

Use sunscreen: Your sunscreen should have a protection factor of at least 15, preferably you can apply it in large quantities and renew it every two hours.

Look for shade: you have to avoid sun exposure, especially between 4-12 o’clock, at its strongest peak.

Wear protective clothing: You should wear hats if necessary, and you should cover your skin with long shirts and long trousers. 

Build a daily routine and Proper skincare routine for you

Proper skincare routine for you
Proper skincare routine for you

Regardless of the quality of your skin, building a specific routine that helps you keep your skin clean and healthy, and how to take care of your skin by building a daily routine with the following cosmetics:

Cleanser: It’s important to choose a cleanser that suits your skin quality, so you should clean the skin twice a day in the morning and evening unless your skin is dry and it’s not too good to use it, it’ll increase dehydration.

Serum: Preferably contains vitamin C, growth factors, or peptides, and use it in the morning under sunscreen, but at night it is preferred to have retinol or retinoid.

Moisturizer: You should use the moisturizer even if your skin is greasy, but it’s important to read the leaflet on the box to see if it suits you.

Sunscreen: you should apply sunscreen at least thirty minutes before leaving the house. 

Avoid smoking

why does skincare include avoiding smoking?

as smoking is known to make you appear older and raise the risk of wrinkles, it narrows the fine blood vessels in the outer layers of the skin which reduces blood flow and makes the skin pale. 

Smoking can harm collagen and elastin, fiber that gives your skin strength and flexibility.

Get rid of make-up before bed

If you want to know a Proper skincare routine for you, the most important step is to get rid of make-up before bed, ensuring healthy and healthy skin.

Make-up closes pores, so your skin can’t breathe, which enhances the appearance of acne, so you should clean your face well from make-up before going to sleep.

A healthy diet

The quality of your diet greatly affects your skin, so in order to get healthy skin, you should: 

Eat too many fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins and focus on low-fat foods.

A diet is rich in fish oil, low unhealthy fats, and processed carbohydrates.

Drink enough water daily to keep the skin hydrated.

Daily skincare methods

Skincare, whatever the type of skin.

you must take care of daily acts, in order to maintain freshness and vitality.

and although there are many products that may make the lady confused to choose the most suitable among them.

there are basic habits to follow for daily skin care, and we will learn about the most important steps for daily skincare.

daily Skincare methods are one of the most important things you take care of when you choose the Proper skincare routine for you:

the skin should be cleaned twice a day.

using the most suitable product for the type of skin, in addition to the fact that daily cleaning maintains the health of the skin.

it protects it from skin problems, cleaning fights defects that appear on the face, and must take into account sensitive skin when choosing the right wash and Proper skincare routine for you.

Facial hair removal ensures facial hygiene along with its beautiful appearance.

many methods can be used for this purpose, perhaps the most common of which is the use of wax for facial hair removal.

Keep skin hydrated, especially if it is dry, using a gentle moisturizer to keep skin soft and bright.

Take care of sensitive areas of the face.

such as the perimeter of the eyes, and lips where they need special attention.

Remove make-up using a special product that maintains normal skin balance.

Exfoliation of the skin once or twice a week, which is indispensable for skin care.

you must choose a product that maintains the natural pH in the skin, ideal for softening the skin.

Use sunscreen on a daily basis, even if it’s cold, sunlight damages the skin no matter how warm it is, and increases the appearance of wrinkles.

Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Eating vegetables that raise estrogen.

which is important for maintaining softer skin, broccoli is one of the most important foods that contain estrogen, and also contains antioxidants along with vitamins A and C.

Avoid eating large amounts of sugars because they have damage to skin health.

increasing signs of aging by releasing free radicals, as well as increasing exposure to skin infections that destroy skin and skin cells.

Eating foods that contain omega-3 is also one of the most important fatty acids for body and skin health, and is available in salmon, tuna, walnuts, nuts, and seeds.

Do not tamper with acne, and it is best not to touch the face in the event of blisters or any problems.

as there are oils on the hands that will fill the pores in the face.

Constantly moisturizing lips, one of the simplest ways is to use a water and sugar moisturizer.

you can prepare a solution of water and sugar and then rub it with the lips, this method removes dead cells and renews dead lips cells as well as protects them from cracking.

Reduce the intake of spicy and savory foods as well as sour foods, as well as fried foods.

replace them with rice, oats, and apples, to maintain skin.

Exercise regularly

such as running, yoga, which promotes the functioning of blood circulation in the body, and sports cleanse the body of toxins through sweat secretion after the exertion during exercise.

and it is best to use toner before exercising, exfoliation of the skin afterward.

then moisturize the skin using shea butter or olive oil.

Sleeping for at least eight hours each night, lack of sleep makes the skin look tired and unmasked.

the honey mask can be applied two to three times a day to restore freshness to tired skin.

you should not forget to clean the skin before going to sleep.

Consult your doctor when there are any obvious changes to the skin and skin.

this is to prevent skin cancer, so you should check and follow up every three months.

Home skincare masks

Proper skincare routine for you
Proper skincare routine for you

in addition to the above can be used any of the following masks and included in the daily care program to maintain bright and healthy skin, including these masks:

the banana mask

can be used as a natural mask to moisturize the skin and make it softer.

you will mash a fruit of medium-sized bananas, distributing them to the face and neck, leaving them for 10 to 20 minutes, and then washing the face with cold water.

Apple cider vinegar

can make a solution made of a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 2 cups of water, and use it after washing the face, and this lotion works to tighten and cleanse the skin

The milk mask

you can prepare a mask of a quarter cup of milk with enough water, to make what looks like a dough and apply it to the face, and then leave the mixture to dry, after which the face is washed with warm water.

The cucumber and lemon juice mask

gives the skin the desired sparkle option and helps treat burns caused by exposure to sunlight.

this is suitable for oily skin and can be prepared in the following way:


a tablespoon of cucumber juice. 1 teaspoon lemon juice. A teaspoon of turmeric. 1 teaspoon glycerin “if the skin is dry”

The preparation method mixes all the ingredients together.

then uses cotton to distribute the mask to the face, and you can put it on the area around the eyes.

Leave the mask for 15 minutes, then wash the face with cold water.

you can use this mask daily for a week for glamorous skin, and don’t add glycerine if the skin is greasy.

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