Pregnant yoga exercises

Pregnant yoga exercises


Yoga was known five thousand years ago in India, and spread in the nineteenth century in Western countries. It is difficult to master, and its movements are difficult to perform at first.

Which is to achieve a balanced system for the body and mind as a result of relaxation, meditation and breathing exercises. During pregnancy, women can practice yoga, as it is considered one of the best safe exercises for both mother and fetus, and we will discuss in this article to mention its benefits for pregnant women.

Benefits of yoga for pregnant women

Among the most important benefits of yoga for pregnant women:

Practicing yoga on a daily basis keeps the body in shape and keeps it in good shape.

Pumping blood as required.

Strengthening the muscles in the body and increasing the feeling of vitality and activity.

It reduces stress, avoids feeling over-reactive during pregnancy, and often gains a calm reaction because it makes the nerves relax.

Increasing the strength and stretching of the pelvic muscles, thus increasing flexibility, supporting body rigidity and increasing endurance.

Increases the expansion of blood vessels, and reduces back pain before and after childbirth.

It develops the mother’s heart and thus helps to bear the daily burdens; Because it is not only a physical exercise, but it maintains a balanced metabolism in the body, which helps to relax the body.

Reduce fears, tensions and pain during childbirth, as a result of meditation and deep breathing exercises.

Through its daily and regular practice, the spiritual, physical and mental bonds develop between the mother and her child at the stage of labor, and the child is encouraged to take the best position for childbirth, and the woman’s body is free of pressure, and thus the mother is more willing to push during childbirth.

Exercises to facilitate natural childbirth in the ninth month

The muscles in the abdomen and lower back are strengthened and tightened, and the mother regains her correct posture after childbirth.

Tips before starting yoga

  • Tips to consider before starting yoga exercises:
  • Consult a specialist doctor, especially if the woman has had previous miscarriages, or if she had health problems before pregnancy.
  • Choosing a well-qualified female trainer, and inquire if pregnant women have been trained by the trainer beforehand.
  • Choosing the right prenatal lessons, which are designed to preserve the health of the expectant mother, and her psychological and physical integrity.
  • Do not overexert yourself or make sudden and rapid movements, due to low blood pressure during pregnancy.
  • Avoid eating and drinking before you start exercising.
  • Avoid deep torsion and complete eversion during pregnancy.
  • Be careful not to overheat or stand for long hours.

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