Natural recipe for thickening eyebrow hair

Natural recipe for thickening eyebrow hair

Eyebrow hair thickening

Wish to give your face a striking definition naturally? It is time to give your eyebrows its much-deserved attention. Nothing accentuates one’s appearance as well as shapely, thick eyebrows.

However, if you fall in the category that deals with scanty, pencil-thin eyebrows long after the trend has faded

this is your au naturel guide to big, bushy eyebrows that dominate the world of fashion today.

Coconut oil

We are all aware that a good head massage with coconut oil helps promote blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. The same logic works for eyebrows too. Coconut oil moisturizes the skin, protects protein loss to make brows stronger, and prevents infection of the hair follicles.

 Coconut oil to Eyebrow hair thickening
Coconut oil to Eyebrow hair thickening

How to: Warm some oil and massage it into your eyebrow area by using your fingers, moving them in slow circular motion. Keep it overnight and rinse clean in the morning.

Aloe Vera

The gel from the aloe Vera leaf hydrates the skin that serves as a nourished ground for brows. Furthermore,(aloenin) compound present in aloe Vera stimulates hair to grow faster.

How to: Peel the outer cover of the leaf and scoop out the gel. Massage this non-sticky gel into your eyebrows until it gets absorbed. Leave it for at least 30-60 minutes.

Castor oil

Castor oil is packed with proteins, fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins, which makes it an excellent source of nourishment for your hair follicles. It not only promotes hair growth but also strengthens hair strands.

How to: It has a thick consistency that can be easily applied on the brows. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes before you wash it off.

Fenugreek seeds

A rich source of protein and vitamin B3, fenugreek seeds make hair grow faster, and also rebuild hair follicles to promote fresh hair growth.
How to: Soak the seeds in water and leave it overnight. Grind them into a smooth paste and put it on your brows. Wash it off with warm water after 30-45 minutes.

Petroleum jelly

Healthy hair growth requires a well-nourished ground and petroleum jelly is a great way to retain moisture in your brows, thanks to its petrolatum compound. It is especially effective if you have a dry skin type.
How to: Simply apply it over dry and clean eyebrows, and leave it overnight. Rinse clean next morning.

Almond oil

It contains a group of vitamins A, B, and E that nourish hair and increase its growth.

  • We apply the oil on the eyebrows and move it with the fingers in circular motions.
  • Staying all night and washing it in the morning.
  • For best results, use every day, taking care not to use it on people who are allergic to it.


It contains vitamin C, which helps in the growth of eyebrow hair.

How to use:

  • We take a piece of lemon and rub it on each of the eyebrows.
  • Leave the lemon juice for two minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • Use once daily to increase eyebrow growth.


It contains proteins and nutrients that help in hair growth.

How to use:

  • Put some milk in a bowl, dip a cotton ball in it and apply it on the eyebrow.
  • Leave it to dry by itself. Rinse with lukewarm water.

jojoba oil

It nourishes the hair follicles, which makes the eyebrows grow faster and gives the hair shine and protection.

jojoba oil
jojoba oil

How to use:

  • Put some drops of oil on the eyebrow.
  • Leave it all night and wash it in the morning.
  • For best results use it every day.

Tips to increase eyebrow density

The goal of these tips is to get thicker eyebrows in a short period of time .

  • Eat a balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals.
  • Expel toxins from the body by drinking plenty of water, which helps in the growth of eyebrow hair.
  • Avoid using eyebrow makeup.
  • Get rid of the dead cells surrounding the eyebrows with a soft brush that exfoliates the skin.
  • Stop using synthetic products (cream or lotion).
  • Do not over-pluck the eyebrows and avoid removing hair with thread, wax, or tweezers.
  • Not to use any products on the eyebrows, such as: cream, lotion, and other industrial products.
  • Exfoliate the skin around the eyebrows using a soft-bristled brush.
  • Follow a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.
  • Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins from the body, which increases eyebrow hair growth.
  • Avoid using eyebrow makeup as much as possible.

Healthy food to thicken eyebrows

Following a healthy diet will reflect on the health of the entire body, and on the speed of obtaining thicker and thicker eyebrow hair,
Among these nutrients that must be obtained:

Healthy food to thicken eyebrows
  • Eat foods rich in vitamin A, such as red peppers, sweet potatoes, and carrots.
  • Vitamin C, such as lemon, pepper, broccoli, papaya, and orange.
  • Foods rich in vitamin E, such as almonds, peanuts, basil, spinach, and olives.
  • Protein-rich foods, such as cheese, beans, lentils, and yogurt.
  • Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as avocados, walnuts, olive oil, and salmon.
  • Iron-rich foods such as milk, fish, green vegetables, and lean meats.
  • Supplements in case you are not enough and get the nutrients in the required quantities.

There are several other ways to thicken eyebrows, including:

Make-up method

Use a brown eyebrow pencil; To give light eyebrows a dense appearance, and fill in the spaces in them.

Eyebrow stimulating products

Eyebrow thickening solutions, to be applied every night after washing the face;
The solution works to stimulate and accelerate eyebrow growth.

eyebrow growth

The eyebrow should be left to grow by starting by leaving a line of hair closest to the eyebrow to grow, and by leaving one line after another, and cutting it if it becomes thick in appearance.

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