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How-to-take-care-of-yourself(for men)

When it comes to beauty and appearance care, it is usually associated with girls in general, in this article we have introduced natural alternatives for men that offer a lot of benefits to help in how to take care of yourself. Since it is very important for a Man to take care of his skin as well as his overall appearance. Which gives him more confidence in himself. Because beauty products can be expensive.

First, Your appearance:-

The appearance of a human being is an important factor that reflects his personality and the way he looks at things.

There is a huge difference between who cares about his appearance in front of others and those who never care about their general appearance. Whether through clothing or the way you deal with others.

We will give advice and let you know how to take care of your appearance.

  • Start by choosing the right clothes for the right place.
  • We also know that workwear has a special nature that must be comfortable and suit the nature of the work.
  • There are some companies that force their employees to wear uniform uniforms in order to maintain the exterior of the company.
  • At the beginning of the day, a man should take care to comb his hair and wear a proper suit for his destination.
  • You should speak in public in a low voice, so as not to disturb others.
  • Self-confidence when talking to others gives you psychological stability, helping you deliver your idea ease.
  • It has also been shown that people with self-confidence tend to move eye-catchingly, whether clicking on the desk or playing with a pen.

This makes the listener distract and you lose your chance to express your opinion and communicate it to others.

2-Dealing with colleagues on the first working day:

You’ll face a challenging which is to make a good impression on your colleagues and superiors.

  • Wear proper clothes to work and go on time without delay.
  • Get to know your colleagues in short words, so you can leave the impression that you value time.
  • Don’t be so arrogant about others no matter what your social status. Arrogance is a reprehensible trait that makes everyone tend to stay away from you.
  • Listen carefully to your bosses so you can get an idea of how you work and also learn how to solve mistakes.
  • If you have a problem or unaware of a business matter, don’t hesitate to consult someone with experience, so you don’t make mistakes that might affect your work later.
  • If you make a mistake while working, you have to take responsibility for your actions.
  • Not passing information or conversations between your colleagues to your managers in order to get close or promote without right.

3-Appearance skills:

Attention to exercise:

There is no doubt that the svelte physical structure gives a strong impression. So you can count on walking half an hour before going to work or university. To be active and able to accomplish your tasks energetically and actively.

Straightness when standing:

Those around you tend to look at you when you talk to them. It is therefore preferable to be straight with a direct look in the eyes of those you speak, to gain their confidence and to be able to convince them easily.

-Skin care:

Many external factors may affect the skin, such as prolonged exposure to sunlight, or dryness .
Use a suitable skin wash in the morning to clean them and make them look fresh and bright.
In addition, natural masking is used when there are halos around the eyes that make you look tired.

-dental hygiene:

Smoking and frequent tea and coffee affect the natural color of the teeth, giving an undesirable view when you smile. Therefore, it is possible to use a tooth ovaries after consulting a doctor.

– Hair:

Men should care about hair , choose a haircut suitable for you, using experienced people in this field.

The chin and moustache must be trimmed so that they are well-looked.

Attention to diets:

Healthy eating provides your body with everything it needs, providing you with the energy and vitality to ensure that you complete your work without slackness.

The art of choosing perfumes

When using perfumes, you should avoid strong perfumes, as they cause respiratory irritation. Sometimes it causes a headache, especially in closed spaces.

Second , your personal care :

Skin care

skin care

Men often think they shouldn’t take care of their skin like women do, and their needs may actually differ from each other.

That doesn’t mean men should completely neglect their skin. Therefore, we will then offer some of the points you should follow to take care of your skin:

  • Clean your face with a face-friendly cleanser.
  • Peel your skin.
  • Keep your skin hydrated.
  • Shave your chin properly.
  • Eat healthy food that benefits your skin. Such as foods that contain vitamin A, rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acid. Stay away from sugar-rich foods.
  • Use sunscreen when you are out in the sun.
  • Stay away from smoking.
  • Avoid stress and have enough sleep.

Hair care

Being a man is no justification for not to take care of yourself and your hair, as you also have some tips to follow that take care of your hair.

and here we’ll offer you some of those tips to make your hair look prettier:

  • Don’t wash your hair too much: the most common mistake in men care is that they wash their hair dramatically. So you should reduce the number of times you wash your hair to two or only three times a week. It is best to use conditioner for your hair, as this ensures the health of your hair and prevents the stripping of your scalp from the natural oils it produces.
  • Don’t dry your hair hard: when your hair is wet, it’s at its weakest, and it’s highly damaged. So you should avoid rubbing it after you’ve finished washing it because this can put it at greater risk of breaking.
  • Cut your hair: If you have light hair, it’s best to cut it in a way that suits the look of light hair.
  • Use eggs for your hair: eggs contain a lot of proteins and essential minerals that your hair needs, such as sulfur. It’s good to use egg yolks regularly for your hair, and make it penetrate into your scalp and strengthens the hair follicles inside.
  • Keep your hair away from chlorine: Swimming pools contain large amounts of chlorine and you should know that chlorine can cause catastrophic damage to your scalp, in addition to this it also makes your hair dry and fragile.
  • The easiest way to protect your hair from the harmful effects that chlorine can cause:

is to wet your hair with clean water.

Then put a little light balsamic on it, before you go swimming.

You can also wear a swimming headdress instead of the above.

  • Don’t use a lot of products for your hair: you should reduce your use of many hair products, such as gel, wax, spray, or other products, as their frequent use makes your hair look abnormal, and if you have to style your hair, you can put only a small amount of those products.
  • Keep your hair away from heat sources: This step is very important for hair care. You should avoid exposing your hair to high temperatures. You should not use the thermal hair dryer, make your hair dry in a normal way, letting it dry naturally will take time, but it will ensure your hair is safe, and if you insist on using these heat dryers, dry at low temperatures.

Get a healthy body

For a man if you want to lose weight and get a graceful body. You should generally take care of yourself by, healthy eating, exercise, change some daily habits.

The most importantly the will and determination to your goal.

and here we will present some points for men that help you get a graceful body:

  • Divide your meals, the first advice any dietitian may give you is to eat every two to three hours. But you should eat healthy foods, which reduce weight, while keeping your metabolism active.
  • Drink large amounts of water, you may feel hungry, but you are actually thirsty, so when you keep moisture in your body, this will help reduce your hunger, so try drinking up to three liters of water every day, and of course your need for water will increase if you’re exercising. In addition, water helps detoxify your body, improves digestion, cleans the colon, and helps your body’s cells function well as well. If you want to reduce your desire to eat, drink water 20 to 30 minutes before meal.
  • Eat lean proteins at every meal, examples of foods rich in this type of protein: eggs, nuts, chicken breasts, fish, lentils, mushrooms, and white beans. Eat vegetables and fruits. Avoid processed foods.
  • Go up the stairs and get down. Practice rope jumping. More than walking.

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