Lines under the eyes, causes, treatment

lines under eyes

Lines under the eyes

The appearance of wrinkles or lines under the eye area is one of the most annoying skin problems for many people, due to its impact on the aesthetic appearance of the eye and it also suggests age, and this problem is not related to age, but rather affects the category in the twenties, for many reasons that we will discuss to be mentioned in this article.

Causes of lines and wrinkles under the eyes

  • Exposure to the sun for a long time is one of the most prominent factors that accelerate the appearance of lines under the eyes.
  • Exposure to psychological stress.
  • Long nights and not getting enough sleep.
  • Sitting for long periods in front of a computer screen or TV screen.
  • Following diets and dieting significantly and negatively affects the skin and contributes to the appearance of lines and wrinkles under the eyes, in order to deprive the body of the important nutrients that the skin needs.
  • Decreased intake of water and natural fluids.
  • Excessive intake of sugars accelerates the appearance of wrinkles; Because sugar destroys collagen, which is the main responsible for protecting and maintaining the skin.
  • Excessive consumption of fried and canned foods and fast food.

Under-eye lines treatment recipes


Almonds contain oleic acid, folic acid, calcium, zinc, iron, and many other nutrients that delay the appearance of early signs of aging. Soak a quantity of almonds in raw milk for a whole night.

And in the morning grind the mixture using a food processor and apply it to the area under the eye, Leave it for twenty to thirty minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water, and this recipe is used on a daily basis to get an effective result.


Carrots contain a high percentage of vitamin A, which enhances the production of collagen and contributes to smoothing the skin, where three grains of carrot fruits are placed in an appropriate amount of water.

Boil the mixture until the carrots become soft, then mash and mix with a small amount of honey, and apply the mixture Apply to the affected area, leave for thirty minutes and wash with lukewarm water.


The enzymes in pineapple enhances the elasticity of the skin and eliminates dead cells. It is also rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals.

Leave the affected area with a slice of pineapple and leave the resulting juice to dry, then rinse with warm water and then with cold water.

Pineapple juice can also be applied to The area under the eyes, leave it for five minutes, then wash it with water.

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