How we protect our eyes

How we protect our eyes

Tips for How we protect our eyes

Eye injuries can cause visual damage, and may also cause blindness, but most injuries can be prevented.

Protect your eyesight by following these tips.

Eye injury:

tips for visual protection

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  • Introduction
  • Eye protection from injury
  • Signs and symptoms of eye injury
  • What can be done

When you think about who is at risk of eye injury, you’re likely to imagine workers in factories or construction sites.

Indeed, many eye injuries occur in this type of function,

But most cases occur within the home as well.

For example, the cause could be a flying bottle cap or a piece projectile with a rubber band.

Fortunately, most eye injuries can be prevented.

Take simple steps to reduce your risk of eye injury and understand when you can see your doctor.

What can be done to prevent the eye from injury?

How we protect our eyes
How we protect our eyes

To prevent eye injury at home, follow the following safety tips:

  • Wear goggles during dangerous activities:

Wear safety glasses to include side safety eyebrows at any time you are exposed to particles,

volatile objects, or dirt.

you have to wear goggles when exposed to chemicals even if you were not involved.

Make sure you wear goggles while playing sports as well.

Any athlete who uses a ball, a bat, or any flying object is likely to put her practitioner at risk of eye injury.

Beware of chemicals and detergents:

Carefully read labels written on chemicals and household cleaning materials before using them such as bleaches.

Do not mix products.

Keep all chemicals and sprays out of your child’s reach.

Watch the tools your child uses:

Pencils, scissors, forks, and knives can all injure the eye.

Keep in mind that common household items such as conference, fastening ropes (twisted metal ends), clothing hangers, rubber bands, and hooks can be completely dangerous.

Avoid certain toys for children:

Don’t allow your child to play with non-firearms, such as pistols with beads or BB guns. Avoid tossing games such as

  • shooting games:

shooting bows, arrows, and rocket-launching games.

Don’t allow your children to use laser pointers:

laser indicators, especially those with short wavelengths such as green laser indicators,

can cause permanent damage to the retina and cause loss of vision when exposed to them for a short period of just a few seconds.

As an adult, be careful when using laser pointers.

Avoid directing the beam towards anyone’s eye.

Be careful when cooking or using hot objects:

Use oil protectors to prevent margarine spray or hot oil.

Avoid using a hairdressing iron near your eyes.

Reduce the risks that may cause falls:

How we protect our eyes
How we protect our eyes

carpets and rods are firmly fastened.

Put as covering the edges and sides of sharp furniture with damping material, especially if there are children or elderly people living in your home.

  • Stay away from fireworks so close to you:

leave the fireworks to be handled by professionals.

  • Be careful when opening a bottle cap:

don’t shake the bottle.

Take the bottle away from you and anyone else at a 45-degree angle.

Place your wrist firmly on the lid when removed.

Place a towel over the top of the bottle, grab the lid and tilt the bottle slowly until the lid almost comes out of the bottleneck.

To prevent the lid from starting like a shell, keep a slightly low pressure over the lid as soon as it comes out of the bottle.

  • Use car seats:

Make sure your baby is tightly fastened to the car seat and that the seat belt or shoulder strap is also tightly fastened.

Do not allow your child aged 12 or younger to ride in the front seat of the car.

Store non-stationary items in the vehicle’s bag or fasten them tightly to the floor of the vehicle.

What are the signs and symptoms of eye injury?

It is not always easy to determine eye injury, especially in a child.

Seek emergency medical care if you have noticed any of these signs or symptoms:

  • Obvious pain or vision problems
  • Cut or tear in the eyelid
  • One eye doesn’t move as normal as the other.
  • One eye stands out more, or it looks more prominent than the other.
  • The size or shape of the pupil is abnormal
  • There’s blood in the whiteness of the eye.
  • Having an object on the eye or under the eyelid cannot be easily removed

What can be done if there is an eye injury?

In the event of an eye injury, seek medical help from a remedy specialist or any other doctor as quickly as possible, even if the injury appears minor.

Delayed care can lead to loss of sight or permanent blindness.

In addition, take simple steps to prevent further damage.

For example:

  • Don’t touch your eye, rub it or press it.
  • you shouldn’t try to remove an object that looks stuck on the surface of the eye or a body that appears to have penetrated the eye.
  • Don’t put ointment or medicine inside the eye.
  • Clean your eye from any chemicals you’ve been exposed to in a large amount of clean water.
  • Gently apply a gauze cover or adhesive to the eye so you can get medical attention

Any incident may occur in the eye for a jiffy.

Be prepared by prevention and speedy action in the event of an emergency, this may help you keep your vision clear to you and your loved ones.

The human eye is one of the most important, accurate, and complex members of the human eye in its composition;

it is responsible for the vision and vision of man for everything around him,

and without the grace of sight, man would not be able to carry out his duties and actions,

so it must be protected from diseases and injuries,

and this protection comes through following several things that we will mention in this article,

especially since we are currently witnessing many problems for the eye due to the use of computers and smart devices on a daily basis,

which may weaken the visual sharpness of A lot of people.

other advices to protect your eyes

How we protect our eyes
How we protect our eyes

Protect the eye by washing the face with cold water

and wiping the eyes with a dry and clean handkerchief to avoid exposure to germs and microbes.

Take a break from time to time from the computer screen because the eye gets tired like any other organ in the body,

so it should be rested by looking at something far away or darkening the eyes in order to rest

When using contact lenses, the liquid should be changed from time to time and kept clean,

because any bacteria that accumulate on them can infect the eye with infections that may later develop into a serious visually threatening disease

When there is a scratch in the eye or any change such as redness,

you should go to your doctor,

and you should not take any drops or medications without consulting your doctor as a sensitive member of the body.

Do not look at the sun and avoid its strong rays as well as strong lights,

as it may cause a rupture in some parts of the retina, and wear sunglasses to protect against these lights.

Do not be exposed to the dusty atmosphere.

If a person is allergic to the use of chemicals and pesticides and eye irritation occurs,

wash them directly with water, and then go to the doctor.

There are diseases that may affect the sight such as diabetes and high blood pressure,

so you should see your doctor in case of any eye changes to treat them early before the condition develops.

Get enough sleep and rest so your sight doesn’t get tired.

Among the most important vitamins needed by the sight are omega-3 and vitamin C, so be careful to eat fish twice a day.

Blacksmiths must commit to wearing a welding helmet.

Pay attention to children while playing,

keep them away from the edges and choose the right games for each age so that their sight doesn’t get hurt.

We note that it is God’s blessing to a man that eyelashes were created to protect the eyes from dangers;

they prevent much dust from entering the eye, as well as the area between eyebrows and eyes protects the eyes from the blows that a person may be subjected to,

otherwise, it would have been the last blow to the eye.

Good sleep is a good way

because it helps to rest the eye,

and it is worth mentioning that not getting enough sleep negatively affects the health of the sight,

which affects her poor vision, so you should get about 8 hours of sleep a day during the night

Be careful to eat healthy food

that helps to strengthen vision such as foods that contain vitamin A,

including carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and yellow peppers, as well as foods containing omega-3

such as eggs, berries, fish, especially salmon.

Constant exercise helps to strengthen the vision and avoid impaired vision,

as sports are beneficial to the body in general and help stimulate circulation,

and the body’s organs work better, including the eye.

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