How to whiten teeth, the best ways to whiten teeth

How to whiten teeth, the best ways to whiten teeth

The pursuit of teeth whitening and obtaining a bright color is no longer the preserve of women only, but men and women alike are interested in the whiteness and brightness of their teeth, and everyone is looking for the best ways to do so.

The whiteness of the teeth is one of the manifestations of beauty and elegance, and many women consider that one of the secrets of their attractiveness, especially with a smile that reveals shiny white teeth where those teeth are the secret of the beauty of this smile.

Likewise, men, as mentioned above, are no less interested in the whiteness of their teeth than women, and they use the various methods that women use to do so. These methods are natural and some are not.

Where teeth whitening devices are available in all pharmacies, in addition to the operations that are carried out by dentists for the same purpose,

Of course, operations are not intended here as a surgical operation in the sense, but rather a way in which the dentist uses the devices available to him to whiten the teeth.

As for our talk about the best ways to whiten teeth, before we mention those methods, we must know the reasons for changing the color of our teeth and get rid of those reasons, otherwise these methods will not help us in achieving the desired goal that we want.

Causes of tooth color change

Causes of tooth color change
Causes of tooth color change

tooth decay

When the tooth is infected with decay and necrosis, its color changes and ranges from yellowish to black according to the degree of decay. In this case, the tooth must be treated as soon as caries is discovered in it.
by consulting a doctor and taking the necessary measures.


The interaction of nicotine and other substances contained in smoke of all kinds with the outer layer of the teeth leads to a change in the color of the teeth and give them a kind of darkening.
and this color increases with age and the continuation of smoking until it reaches the color black or dark brown.

some drinks

Some types of dark-colored drinks, too much of them, affect the color of the teeth and dye them dark. These drinks include tea, coffee, soft drinks and other drinks that have the same color.

Some preparations and antibiotics

Including tracycline, which is used in some pathological cases.
and the interaction of some of its components with the teeth leads to a change in the color of these teeth.

Also, long-term use of mouthwash that contains hexatidine leads to discoloration of the teeth. Therefore, the effects of any preparation must be confirmed before taking it.

Dental accidents

Some dental accidents, such as trauma or a blow, lead to the death of the nerve or pulp of the tooth, and as a result, the color of the tooth gradually turns dark.

These are the most common reasons that lead to the change in the color of the teeth and their dyeing in another undesirable color that differs from the natural color.

Teeth whitening methods

Teeth polishing at the doctor

Teeth polishing at the doctor
Whitening Teeth at the doctor

Can be polished at the doctor, who polishes the teeth and removes the accumulated layer on them.
which gave them a color other than the natural color.
and this happens after the doctor performs a comprehensive examination of the teeth and ensures their safety.

If the teeth suffer from decay or decay, or the like.
the doctor treats the case first, and then starts whitening and polishing the teeth later.

This is done by coating the teeth with bleaching material and placing an insulating material around the gums to avoid being affected by the bleaching materials, then shining a strong light on them using the halogen device to cause the interaction between the material and the outer layer of the teeth.

This method may cause a kind of sensitivity to the teeth during or after whitening. But it is considered the best and fastest way to whiten and its results last longer than other methods.

Bleaching with plasters

This method is done at home without the need for a dentist.
as it is sufficient to buy teeth whitening stickers from the pharmacy to be placed on the front part of the jaws.
so that the material on the stickers plays its role in polishing.

In most cases, it is recommended to use these plasters twice a day for a period of two weeks, and the results of this method may last for approximately four months.

Teeth whitening with a toothbrush

It is one of the best home ways to whiten teeth.
and it requires buying a dental bowl from the pharmacy or a dentist’s recommendation to make one according to the size of the person’s teeth, and this is better.

As for the finished containers, they are all the same size and may not fit all people.

The bleaching material, which is also brought from the pharmacy, is placed in this bowl.
so this bowl is inserted into the oral cavity and the teeth are placed inside it.

The disadvantages of this method are that some people are not comfortable holding the bowl in the mouth for a long time.

Whitening with toothpaste

Whitening with toothpaste
Whitening with toothpaste

There are a lot of drugstore toothpastes, and each toothpaste is described by its manufacturer as the best, whiter.
and brightest toothpaste ever.

In fact, all toothpastes are not that good in terms of whitening, and the degree of whitening that can be obtained from them does not exceed one degree compared to the other whitening methods mentioned above.

Teeth whitening costs

In terms of costs, the dentist’s teeth whitening process is the most expensive.
but at the same time the fastest and safest; Where the doctor examines the teeth and ensure their safety before starting the whitening process.

If the teeth are free of any disease that may affect them, the whitening period usually does not exceed one or two sessions with the doctor.

As for bleaching at home, it usually needs a period of weeks.
with the method being repeated on a daily basis over these weeks until the results start to appear.

Teeth whitening side effects

Some side effects may appear as a result of the whitening process, including:

  • For sensitive teeth, bleaching materials may increase the sensitivity of these teeth and thus exacerbate the sensitivity problem.
  • In children under 15 years old, bleaching materials affect the nerve of the teeth.
    as it is close to the outer surface of the tooth, and therefore the nerve is affected by this substance and the tooth is damaged.
  • Bleaching materials may cause gum infections or diseases if the material comes into contact with the gums.
  • Bleaching materials do not have any effect on very dark brown or black teeth.
    but are effective only on yellowish, light-colored teeth.
  • Also, the effect of these whitening materials is very limited on the teeth of smokers. Smokers can use fillings and crowns instead of bleaching.

Teeth whitening period

As for the period of continuation of the whiteness of the teeth.
this depends on the person himself and his daily habits. For smokers, for example, the period of shining may not last more than a month. Others: The length of the whiteness period depends on the type of food and drinks they eat. Sweets, soft drinks, and black-colored drinks that contain caffeine also reduce the period of the whiteness of their teeth.

In order for the period of whiteness to continue for as long as possible, the following are recommended:

  • Cleaning the teeth with brushing and toothpaste after consuming food and drinks that contain dyes and dyes that may affect the color of the tooth.
  • It is also recommended to floss every day or before bed every day along with the toothpaste and brush.
  • Use good types of toothpaste, especially those containing fluoride, as they clean the teeth better and help keep their shine.
  • Finally, reviewing the doctor periodically from time to time.
    not exceeding four months, to ensure the safety of the teeth from decay and necrosis or any other disease condition.
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