How to tighten the abdomen after childbirth

How to tighten the abdomen after childbirth

Are there herbs that help tighten the abdomen after childbirth

There are no scientific studies to suggest that there are herbs that may help to tighten the abdomen after childbirth or
in general; Breastfeeding and exercise.
Such as walking, as well as eating a healthy diet that meets the mother’s nutritional and calorie requirements.
It may aid in the burning of calories and the reduction of flatulence.
After childbirth, women should consult their doctor before consuming any herbs, beginning to exercise.
Or embarking on a weight-loss diet.

The time required to get rid of the rumen after childbirth

Depending on the body mass index.
The normal rate of weight gain during pregnancy is 5-18 kilogrammes.
But the mother will lose some of this weight naturally after birth, which may happen gradually, as detailed below:

  • Immediately after birth: As soon as the mother gives birth, she loses some of the weight she gained during pregnancy, including the child’s weight.
    And some kilogrammes when the body rids itself of blood, fluid, and amniotic fluid, and hormonal changes occur at
    the time of birth, making the belly smaller.
  • To get rid of the excess fluid, the mother’s urination and sweating increase during the first week after birth.
    And by the end of the first month, she may have lost up to 9 kilogrammes without exerting much effort.
  • Several weeks after birth:
    As previously stated, hormonal changes occur immediately after birth that cause the abdomen to shrink.
    But the uterus may take another 6-8 weeks to return to its pre-pregnancy size.
    And the excess fat gained during pregnancy begins to fade, especially in the case of breastfeeding and exercising.
    However, noticeable results take at least a few weeks.
    And it should be noted that the speed and degree of tummy tuck depends on several factors, including:
  1. The mother’s body shape and size prior to pregnancy.
  2. The amount of weight gained while pregnant.
  3. the level of physical activity
  4. genetic influence.

Exercises to get rid of sagging stomach after childbirth

Aerobic exercises help to tighten the abdomen, strengthen the stomach muscles, and burn calories.
And it is important to note the need to ensure the body’s readiness and to consult a doctor before beginning to
exercise routinely after birth.
And there are many exercises that can be practised after childbirth that will help to tighten the abdomen and get rid
of the flabby, and here are some of them:

  • Crunching exercise for beginners This is one of the simple exercises that helps to tighten the abdomen well.
    And it relies on the tilt of the pelvis and the contraction of the abdominal muscles, by lying on the back, bending the
    knees, placing the feet on the ground, and slowly tightening the abdominal muscles with tilting the pelvis towards the
    head, tightening lower pelvic area,.
    And it worth noting here that women who were not accustomed to practising this exercise previously.
    Or during the past nine months; It recommended to start slowly, and gradually increase the strength
  • Real crunching exercise
    This exercise can be performed by lying on your back, placing your feet on the ground, bending your knees, placing
    your hands behind your neck to support your head, placing your lower back on the ground.
    And then starting to raise your head and shoulders off the ground, repeating this 10-15 times.
    The difficulty of the exercise can increased by raising the feet off the ground during repetitions and adding variety by
    tilting the legs to the side and reaching the opposite knee during ascent to strengthen the trunk muscles on both sides
    of the body.
    As moving the different muscles is necessary to lose belly fat after pregnancy.
How to tighten the abdomen after childbirth

How to lose weight and tighten the abdomen after giving birth

Returning to pre-pregnancy weight should planned within 6-12 months of birth, as most women lose half of the
weight gained within 6 weeks of birth, and the remaining weight is lost over several months.
And other factors contribute to weight loss in addition to the exercise mentioned earlier. Which includes:


Breastfeeding may help burn more than 500 calories per day.
Especially in the first months after birth, to produce milk,
and breastfeeding women usually lose pregnancy weight faster than non-breastfeeding women.
And breastfeeding causes contractions that aid in the return of the uterus to its normal position.
The amount of weight lost during breastfeeding determined by a variety of factors, including physical activity level,
dietary habits, general health, weight before pregnancy.
And amount of weight gain during pregnancy. If the recommended amount consumed, half a kilogramme can be lost
every 1-2 weeks. This loss may not appear to be significant.
But gradual and consistent weight loss is safer and healthier.
And it is more likely to avoid losing weight if it lost gradually.

Follow a healthy diet

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are two of a woman’s most nutritionally demanding times. As pregnant and lactating women require more nutrients to meet their body’s needs and support the child’s growth.
All of the food that the child requires is provided by the mother in the form of foods or nutritional supplements.
Breastfeeding mothers should increase their calorie intake from healthy and diverse food sources by 450-500 calories
over their pre-pregnancy intake.
The amount of extra calories required by a nursing mother is determined by her age, BMI, level of physical activity.
And reliance on breastfeeding or formula.
Eating well-balanced meals that include a variety of foods such as fruits, vegetables.
And whole grains is essential. low-fat dairy products and lean proteins

How to tighten the abdomen after childbirth

Nutritional tips to help you lose weight and tighten the abdomen after giving birth

Women should take care with postpartum weight loss because the body needs time to recover after childbirth.
And here are some helpful tips for losing weight in a healthy way:

  • Setting reasonable weight-loss goals: Losing 0.5 kg per week is a reasonable and realistic goal.
    And returning to pre-pregnancy weight may take 6-12 months.
    Depending on whether or not the mother is breast-feeding.
    Change it gradually and in a healthy manner.
  • Eating protein-rich foods: Eating healthy proteins can help reduce the feeling of hunger.
    Which contributes to calorie consumption and weight loss, because the body uses 20-30% of the calories contained in
    protein during digestion, while 5-10% of calories used in carbohydrates as they digested, and 0-3% of calories
    are used in fats as they are digested.
  • Eating fiber-rich foods: Because fibre cannot digested by the body.
    It moves through the digestive system and absorbs water, promoting intestinal health and increasing the feeling of
    satiety for a longer period of time.
    Without the addition of calories.
  • Moisturizing the body:
    Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, especially if the mother is breastfeeding.
    Water increases the feeling of satiety and may speed up metabolic processes.
    Which may aid in weight loss.
  • Reducing stress:
    Sleep, nutrition, exercise, and hormone levels all play a role in stress control.
    And keeping stress levels low can greatly increase the ability to lose weight after pregnancy.

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