Foods that improve memory and concentration

important foods useful for the brain and nerves

Foods that increase intelligence

Many suffer from excessive forgetfulness and distraction of thinking, due to the pressures of daily life, and these things expose them to a lot of embarrassments and problems, and cause them insomnia and anxiety, and perhaps the best treatment for strong focus and memory, is to eat some types of food, in addition to practicing some activities. 

Foods for concentration 

There is a group of foods that if the individual persists in them, they significantly affect the strengthening of focus:

Carrots, eating a bowl of carrot salad, and olive oil, activates the process of photosynthesis inside the brain, and thus increases concentration.

Pineapple is rich in vitamin C and manganese, which are important for long-term preservation.

Avocado, eating half of an avocado develops in the short preservation process thanks to its richness in fatty acids important in preservation.

Lemon, rich in vitamin C, is important in the process in increasing attention and comprehension.

Onions help the brain get more oxygen, which is useful for people who suffer from severe pressure, for a good period of time.

Ginger helps the brain obtain an appropriate amount of oxygen, and its components help the brain to think deeply and reach creative ideas.

Cumin, its volatile oil stimulates the nervous system to pay attention and focus.

Foods that enhance memory

Honey, honey is the home of healing, as it cures many diseases, including forgetfulness, and eating it should be in the morning by adding a spoon of honey to a glass of water, or adding to a kilo of honey, crushed ginger, black bean and frankincense, the amount of each of them is fifty-five grams, and it is eaten from Mix this spoon every morning.

White pepper, used as a spice in food, is very useful in stimulating memory.

He ate twenty-one raisins every morning, as well as walnuts and pine nuts.

Drink a cup of cinnamon sweetened with honey.

Drinking a glass of water dissolved in a tablespoon of yeast, improves the level of the male because yeast contains vitamin B.

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