Exercises to facilitate natural childbirth in the ninth month

Exercises to facilitate natural childbirth in the ninth month

The ninth month of pregnancy

The last stage of a woman’s pregnancy is the most difficult stage, and it may involve a feeling of great fear, especially when the woman is pregnant for the first time, and of course she wants to give birth in peace, and the majority of women prefer natural childbirth.

Some women may think that movement is in the last month of pregnancy, It harms her and her baby, but the exact opposite is true, as there are a number of exercises recommended by doctors to facilitate the birth process in the ninth month of pregnancy, and these exercises help a lot in giving birth naturally without resorting to a caesarean section.

Benefits of exercise in the ninth month

There are many benefits that a pregnant woman in her ninth month derives from when practicing some special exercises, and among these benefits are the following:

The blood circulation is stimulated.

It strengthens the pelvic area and this greatly relieves the pain of childbirth, because there will be an expansion in the uterine canal.

These exercises strengthen the back muscles, which helps the pregnant woman to bear the weight of the fetus, in this month the size of the fetus grows more than the rest of the previous months.

Strengthening the muscles of the thighs and abdomen, which contributes to bearing the pain of childbirth.

Exercises to facilitate childbirth

It is preferable for a pregnant woman to consult her doctor, before starting to do exercises that help facilitate childbirth, because there are cases that are not allowed to do such exercises, and these exercises include:

Breathing exercises can be done in two ways:

  • The first method: by lying on the ground, taking a deep breath, and then exhaling, while observing the shape of the abdomen and the changes that occur during breathing, and this exercise is important to reduce the shortness of breath that the woman may face during childbirth.
  • The second method: It is through breathing quickly as if the woman is running, and this exercise must be practiced and done at the time of delivery as well, because it relieves the pain of labor.

Walking, which is the best option for a pregnant woman in the ninth month, because it helps open the cervix, which facilitates the birth process, and in the last month it is possible to walk like a soldier by raising the foot during walking.

The rise and fall exercise, as you must use a chair or the edge of the bed, and hold it by hand, then descend and take a squatting position for several minutes as possible, then stand, and it is preferable to repeat this exercise in the middle of the second of the ninth month daily.

Breath holding exercise, and this exercise must be practiced because it is one of the most important exercises that must be done during childbirth, specifically at the moment of pushing the fetus.

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