The effects of electronic games on children

effects of electronic games on children

Electronic games

Electronic games have invaded almost every home, and everyone, young and old, is playing these games.

This is due to the availability of devices in every electronic store, and the development of technologies so that these devices can be carried in the pocket, and taken with you wherever you go, but the greatest impact of these games is on children more than on adults, and the first affected is always the child.

Therefore, we will discuss this topic from different sides that help us understand the negative impact on children who use these games, as signs of addiction to these games appear at first, and then the damages and results that children reap, and these effects and damages come in two parts, physical and other effects. Psychological.

Physical effects of electronic games on children

These harms are visible, and parents must follow up on their children, and they come in many forms, including:

Poor eyesight and eye diseases.

If parents follow their children playing these electronic games, they will notice how the child strains his eyes by looking at the computer screen or smart phones, and it is natural that any stress of the eye muscles repeatedly and for long hours, will lead to a defect in vision, as it has become It is noticeable in recent years that the number of children who wear eyeglasses has increased.

A person who focuses too much on these screens does not blink a little, which leads to dryness of the pupils and their exposure to various types of allergies.

Headaches and nerve problems.

This happens to those who spend continuous hours on electronic games, because of their exposure to rays emanating from screens, as sometimes children get migraines, which can last from several hours to several days.

Obesity and fat accumulationSome studies conducted in America indicate that the proportion of children suffering from obesity has increased due to electronic games. healthily.

Death, some cases face death because of these electronic games. Many accidents were recorded in East Asia and America, whose owners died because they spent more than three or four days behind electronic game screens without sleep and food.

The effects of psychological electronic games on children

He does not find a feeling of euphoria, well-being and happiness only while playing these games.

Failure in practical life, due to his unwillingness to carry out his duties and work imposed on him.

Nervousness and aggressiveness, as he becomes nervous because he does not want to leave her, but rather wants to stay and continue playing, and some of these games contain dangerous matters, such as crime, theft, and other things prohibited by Sharia and custom, which directly affect the future personality of the child.

Loss of true will, as he becomes a slave to this game, without will over it.

Loss of communication skills with others, as the child loses the ability to open various topics outside the scope of electronic games; Therefore, you find him not good at communicating with others at school or with parents and relatives.

The loss of intelligence and the spirit of invention, so you find that he sees everything that surrounds him as if it is similar to what is in the game, and this is what makes his thinking and intelligence limited in a narrow scope.

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