To complete the pregnancy safely, avoid these things

To complete the pregnancy safely, avoid these things

The safety and health of a pregnant woman and her fetus is one of the most important things that we must take care of, so it is very necessary for a pregnant woman to avoid some things and some foods and drinks that can cause harm to her and the fetus at the same time.

To complete the pregnancy safely, avoid these things
To complete the pregnancy safely, avoid these things

In this article, Madam, we will provide you with a list of the contraceptives that you should avoid and stay away from during pregnancy, in order to complete the pregnancy safely without any danger to you or your child.

Avoid these things during pregnancy

A pregnant woman can continue with her daily activities that she used to do, but with the necessary caution and caution, because the body at pregnancy differs greatly from before pregnancy, and in some cases of doubt about something, it is very necessary to review the specialist doctor to ensure the safety of the mother and child .

Some women, especially those who have risks such as premature birth and other complications, may need to adhere to some of the instructions given by the doctor and avoid doing some activities that may cause harm to the mother and fetus, and these prohibitions include:

Exposure to high temperatures, saunas and hot tubs:

Despite the benefits of hot water in obtaining relaxation and relieving discomfort, especially during pregnancy, many doctors and experts recommend avoiding it during pregnancy, especially saunas and hot tubs, as it can cause a significant rise in a woman’s body temperature for a pregnant woman, which causes a Congenital malformations of the fetus.

Other activities that cause an increase in body temperature include:

  • Do hot yoga.
  • Practicing badminton pilates.
  • Exposure to sunbathing for a long period of time.
  • Doing strenuous exercise.
  • Drought.
  • Expose the case to high heat.

Amusement park games:

Many amusement parks do not allow pregnant women to ride games that are dangerous to them, as the rapid and intense movement of these games can cause separation in the fetus’s placenta.

Cleaning pet litter:

It is very necessary for pregnant women to avoid cleaning animal waste, as it can expose them to toxoplasmosis or what is known as cat disease, according to many studies and research conducted, as infection of a pregnant woman with toxoplasmosis exposes the fetus to some severe symptoms, which are :

  • blindness.
  • The occurrence of some mental disabilities.
  • Brain damage.
  • Eye damage.


Smoking during pregnancy can cause a lot of harm to the pregnant woman and the fetus at the same time. Apart from the diseases caused by smoking, which are heart disease, lung cancer, smoking for pregnant women can cause problems during pregnancy, which are:

  • Premature birth.
  • Congenital malformations of the fetus such as cleft lip, cleft palate.
  • Sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Placental problems.

Therefore, it is very necessary for pregnant women to avoid smoking during pregnancy, and they must also be exposed to secondhand smoke.


Drug abuse is very dangerous for the body in general, and during pregnancy, the harm is much more, as the use of illegal drugs or the abuse of some types of drugs that are prescribed to the fetus can cause a syndrome known as neonatal abstinence, which leads to the child’s exposure to symptoms Withdrawal during childbirth.

In addition to all that, drug use increases the chances of stillbirth, pregnancy loss, and birth defects.

Taking some types of medication:

It is very necessary for pregnant women to avoid some types of medicines that are dispensed without consulting a specialist doctor, which can harm the pregnant woman and the fetus. Therefore, doctors recommend avoiding some medicines during pregnancy, which are:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and ibuprofen.
  • herbal medicine;
  • Enzyme inhibitors.
  • Cold medicines during the first pregnancy.
  • Flu medicines that may contain different ingredients.
  • Acne medications.

The doctor and pharmacist must provide advice and instructions on the use of some types of medications, and sometimes the doctor prescribes safe alternatives for pregnant women.

Exercises and sports activities prohibited during pregnancy

Sports that require physical contact:

Sports that require physical contact may increase the risk of placental abruption, which is an early separation of the placenta from the uterine wall, which is considered very dangerous and may cause premature birth, pregnancy loss and fetal death in many cases, as many doctors recommend pregnant women to avoid exercising some Sports such as soccer, boxing.

Pregnant women are more susceptible to injuries due to hormonal changes in the body as the tie is very flexible.

Activities in which a person may fall:

In the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant women should avoid any activity in which they may fall, including skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, as during pregnancy the center of gravity changes with the expansion of the abdomen, and therefore a light fall may cause many injuries.

Weight lifting sport:

According to the American Pregnancy Association, weightlifting for many pregnant women may cause:

  • Tear the muscles of the body or pull the muscles.
  • Weight loss after childbirth.
  • The occurrence of premature birth.

As these exercises are beneficial for pregnant women,
But consult a doctor before starting to exercise.

Other types of exercise:

Despite the benefit of sports for pregnant women and the recommendations of doctors to exercise, certain types of sports are not appropriate during pregnancy, and it is necessary for pregnant women to avoid them, which are:

  • Running and jumping.
  • Acute and dangerous movements.
  • sudden movements
  • Abdominal exercises by lying on the back.

But there are sports that are recommended for pregnant women to practice, which are:

  • Walking.
  • swimming.
  • Squats and squats exercises.

Drinks prohibited during pregnancy

  • alcoholic beverages;
  • Coffee and caffeine.

Herbal drinks that should be avoided or used in small quantities during pregnancy:

Drinks prohibited during pregnancy
Drinks prohibited during pregnancy
  • Chamomile drink.
  • Nettle drink.
  • Dandelion drink.
  • Mint drink.
  • Licorice drink.
  • Soft drinks like red elm.

Spices and herbs prohibited during pregnancy

Aloe vera plant. Basil oil, juniper oil, as these herbs are considered to be herbs that cause uterine contractions.

Autumnal saffron should also be avoided because it may cause birth defects to the fetus, Therefore pregnant women should eat nutmeg in large quantities.

Foods prohibited during pregnancy

  • Raw eggs.
  • Soft cheese.
  • Unpasteurized milk.
  • Unwashed vegetables.
  • Meals and fast foods.
  • Raw and cold meat.
  • Fish that contains percentages of mercury.
  • Smoked seafood.
  • Fish exposed to pollutants.
  • oysters;
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