The benefits and harms of collagen pills for skin and hair

collagen pills benefits for skin

Benefits of collagen pills for the skin

Collagen is one of the basic elements beneficial to the health of the body in general. It forms at the bottom of the layers of the skin and makes up about 75% of the skin and about 30% of the body.

should you take collagen every day?

Collagen is a protein substance that is naturally found in the body in bones, skin, cartilage, and ligaments, but when it reaches At the age of twenty-five, the percentage of its production in the body begins to decrease.

Which leads to the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, weak and fragile bones, and so on.

Therefore, many people resort to using collagen capsules as an alternative to natural collagen; They are capsules that contain collagen and a variety of vitamins and essential elements, which give faster and better results than natural collagen.

Do collagen pills improve your skin?

what does collagen pills do for your face?

Collagen pills have many benefits for the skin health, including the following

Maintains the freshness of the skin.

It works to restore and improve skin cells.

Resist aging and delay signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines on the face; Because it compensates the skin for the natural collagen that it loses over time.

Tightens loose skin, removes fine lines and eliminates wrinkles around the eyes and lips.

Treats disfigurements caused by wounds and acne scars.

Other collagen pills benefits for skin and hair

It gives the skin elasticity and softness.

Lighten skin tone.

Helps fill in the cheeks.

Improving heart health and strengthening the body’s immunity:

It is interesting information that a decrease in the proportion of collagen in the heart and blood vessels may lead to a problem or defect in the heart, and with regard to immunity only some research there is a steady relationship between the lack of the amount of collagen in the body and the possibility of some diseases.

Bone strengthening:

Collagen reduces the chances of osteoporosis, especially in old age.

Improving the health of teeth and gums:

Collagen is a catalyst in the formation of teeth, and maintains the health of teeth and gums, and the lack of its quantity in the body leads to weakness in the teeth.

Maintaining healthy fingernails and toenails:

Collagen contributes to better improvement and strengthening of nails by taking collagen supplements.

Collagen recipes for skin health and hair

Natural collagen supplements Firming Mask: 

This mask consists of an egg white, two tablespoons of yogurt, and a tablespoon of natural collagen supplements powder.

The ingredients are mixed well, then painted on the face, left to dry and then washed with warm water.

Collagen supplements hair mask:

This mask is prepared by mixing two tablespoons of coconut oil, two tablespoons of olive oil, and a
tablespoon of collagen, then applying the mask to the hair, leaving it for thirty minutes, then washing the
hair with shampoo and warm water.

collagen supplements side effects and damage to the skin

Despite the wonderful benefits of collagen supplements for the skin health, its use as food supplements
or in cosmetic operations may cause several damages, or side effects that may disappear after a certain
period, or remain according to the nature of skin tolerance, and these are some of these symptoms and

Skin redness.
Skin bleeding.
Dryness of the skin.
Discoloration or slight discoloration of the skin.
Peeling of the skin.
Bad breath; Resulting from some types of collagen supplements.

Sources of collagen

Red vegetables: tomatoes, red peppers; They contain an antioxidant called lycopene that protects the skin from sun damage and damage.

Vegetables that contain vitamin C: spinach and kale; Because vitamin C accelerates the production of
collagen, and protects collagen from the activity of toxins and free radicals.

Fish: such as tuna and salmon, which contain large amounts of collagen.

Garlic: Garlic is the best source of sulfur that is important for collagen production in the body.

collagen supplements side effects

One of the disadvantages of collagen supplements is that their prices are very high compared to other
pharmaceutical preparations, in addition to causing the following damages to the body:

Weight gain, as some cases have increased weight; Therefore, those who want to lose or maintain their
weight are advised not to consume it.

It causes many health problems if consumed in excess, especially in the digestive system and stomach;
Therefore, it is recommended to consume it under medical supervision to determine the appropriate

Collagen destroying habits

There are some bad habits and practices that destroy the natural collagen of the skin. Among these practices and habits are the following:


Excessive exposure to sunlight.

Eating a lot of sweets and sugars.

At the end of the topic, we have learned about the benefits of collagen supplements, sources of collagen,
the benefits of using collagen supplements for the skin, the benefits of using collagen supplements for
hair, the side effects of collagen, natural sources of collagen, How to improve your skin with collagen
How to improve your health with collagen How to improve your hair with collagen

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