Causes of spasticity in children

Cramping for children

Spasticity in children – Spasm: It is involuntary movements and behaviors and a change in the child’s awareness accompanied by a spasm in the muscles of the body, and it is also possible that these muscles are also accompanied by flickering movements, and the scientific explanation for this case, as they say, is that the child’s brain suddenly produces and releases excessive electrical charges, and the reason behind the release of these charges Electricity is unknown at this moment.

Causes of spasticity in children

There are two types of convulsions in children, one of them is related to high temperature and is called heat spasm, and the other is not related to heat, the cause of which is unknown, and it is called epilepsy and it has several types.

It is a type of convulsions that affects children between the ages of three months to five years due to a significant rise in body temperature. Immediately and do not wait.

Heat cramp

This type of convulsions is not worrisome, as it is possible to help and treat the child to overcome this condition at home. When these convulsions start, the child must quickly be made to lie on his side and raise his head so that he can breathe normally. In such a case, cold water compresses should not be used because it It is harmful and painful for him. Also, attention should be paid to the place where the child is, for fear of things that may harm him when he moves.

Viral infections, bacterial stomach infections, respiratory infections, and middle ear infections that greatly affect the duration of spasms are among the reasons that lead to this type of spasm. Other in the event that one of the parents was infected with it, as well as the mother’s consumption of alcohol and smoking during her pregnancy, in addition to the infections that the woman suffers from during pregnancy.

Non-thermal spasm

Non-thermal spasm or epilepsy, and the child suffers from it without heat, and in most cases the child is treated for it using anti-convulsive drugs. This type of convulsions is caused by the genetic factor, as it plays a major role in its infection, as well as heat cramps if not treated and complicated and developed into an advanced stage. This causes epilepsy, as well as the child’s nervous system if it has a defect or does not perform its functions normally.

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