Caring for your skin – Beware of 6 foods

Caring for your skin, Beware of 6 foods and 6 important

Caring for your skin and The best and worst foods for your skin.
Not only is losing weight and getting the perfect body, what healthy foods do, it also gives the skin a natural glow and charm, it raises the level of self-confidence, it improves your thoughts about yourself and your skin.

The kitchen does not just offer recipes that are applied to the skin, anything that is eaten has an effect on the skin

So this can be set; Obtaining clear skin free of any defects, smooth and silky, like the skin of children.

In addition to the fact that natural food gives radiance and health to the skin, there are some foods that have the opposite effect, as they cause pallor, dehydration, and fatigue.

So I will give you a list of the best and worst foods for your skin

important for your skin



Nuts have the same magical effect as fish. They are also rich in omega-6, which is similar to omega-3, but it is less effective, but it has the same benefits for the skin, as it works to give the skin glow and prevents the appearance of pimples and pimples.

But nuts often contain a lot of salt that is harmful to the skin.

so you must make sure to choose the type of nuts that are free of additives, and they should be eaten in moderation, as they are one of the most delicious materials that everyone prefers.

The secret that I will tell you is that nuts are one of the materials that contain a very large amount of calories.
so you should pay attention to the amount that is eaten so as not to cause weight gain.

The list of best and worst foods for your skin is over and you can beautify your skin with the food you eat and avoid the worst.


You may think that fat is the cause of problems for your skin, but this is not true.
as you may be like many (wrong) you stay away and avoid eating fat in an attempt to lose weight.
but here you will get inflamed skin full of pimples, pimples and spots.

The best solution to this is to eat fish, as it is the best in terms of fats.
because of its richness in omega-3,
which has magical benefits on the body, skin, mind, memory, and others.

One of the most important foods to take care of your skin

Fish is the richest in addition to not causing you to gain weight.

The secret that I will tell you is that you can control the calories you eat in this case by choosing non-fried fish as it contains less calories, in addition to the importance of fiber and vegetables along with it.

3-berries and skin care

berries and skin care
berries and skin care

What do I mean by berries, I mean eating berries in all its forms such as fruit or juice, and at any time, and in all its types: regular berries, cranberries, and others.

Berries are a fruit rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and in addition to their delicious taste and wonderful colors;

They are one of the best materials that are easy to eat and preferred by everyone.
and provide benefits for the skin such as shine, prevent wrinkles, get rid of pimples and spots, and in addition to all this, berries give the benefits of fiber, as they are rich in them.

And the secret that I will tell you is that by eating berries, you not only give radiance to your skin.
but protect the digestive system.

In addition, berries treat painful mouth ulcers, especially (Shami berries) Which is prepared as a concentrated juice.

4-green vegetables

This is not surprising, everyone knows the extent of the benefits that green vegetables contain, despite that, these vegetables do not get enough popularity, many do not eat such vegetables, and they are not part of their diet, and I know that they are not that delicious flavor like pizza or ice Cream however it is a mine of benefits.

Leafy greens are one of the richest materials in various vitamins and antioxidants necessary for the skin, and they work to rid the body of toxins, which makes the skin look younger, which gives your skin a better effect than cosmetic surgery, so these vegetables should be eaten as much as possible, and in addition to all that they work on weight loss.

The secret that I will tell you is that you can eat these vegetables, even if you do not prefer them, by introducing them to different meals, lettuce can be eaten with yogurt instead of bread, eat salad with lunch dishes.

5-fiber and skin care

fiber and skin care
fiber and skin care

Always and often we hear about the magical benefits of fiber, which makes us ask is fiber really magic, and the fact that fiber is really useful and has a magical effect, it creates bacteria in the digestive system, and it is not scary, but good; These bacteria work to make the inner lining of the digestive system stronger and more resistant to toxins, protecting the body from them. One of the most important foods to take care of your skin

When the body is protected from toxins because it takes enough fiber, the skin will be fine and enjoy a natural glow and health, so you must pay attention to the amount of fiber that is eaten. .

The secret I will tell you is that by eating fiber, you not only protect your body from toxins and give your skin a glow, you lose weight, fiber makes you feel full without eating large amounts of calories or fat.

6-dark chocolate

Of course I don’t mean that you eat crazy, huge amounts of chocolate every day;

This may cause great damage to your skin, it’s just a small piece a day.
it will give your body what it needs of antioxidants.
of which chocolate, especially dark, is one of the richest substances in it.

You may not like the taste of dark chocolate, and you would like to eat sweet chocolate or chocolate with milk is the best for your skin, but dark remains the best for you as it is rich in what benefits the skin.
and because of its taste, you will definitely not eat much of it, only your need, and therefore it will not increase Your weight will decrease.

The secret that I will tell you is that by eating dark chocolate.
you will increase your feeling of joy and happiness, and time after time you will not be able to eat sweet chocolate or milk chocolate after that.
for dark chocolate is the most delicious type of chocolate.

Foods to watch out for

1-Bread, pastries and cakes and their effect on the skin

Bread, pastries and cakes and their effect on the skin
Bread, pastries and cakes and their effect on the skin

Bread, pastries, cakes and donuts, all of them and other baked goods.
contain refined carbohydrates and large amounts of sugar, all of this leads to a lot of danger to your skin.

Eating a lot of sugar works to bind sugar molecules to compounds in the skin such as collagen.
and this means weakening it.

Weak collagen means signs of aging, sagging, wrinkles, acne and other undesirable effects on the skin, so we must limit the intake of such foods, especially as we rely on them in various diets, and not only this, but we add other types of fats or sugars to them. .

The secret that I will tell you is that these effects can be mitigated by eating fiber and vegetables along with bread and pastries, in addition to reducing the amount of bread eaten, and replacing it with bread made from whole grains (brown bread).


Excessive drinking of coffee has significant effects on the skin, it is similar to the effects of alcoholism.
so if you drink a lot of coffee (as most people do).
you will surely notice that your skin is dry, or cracked, and you will also drink less water. than it should.

Therefore, for the sake of your skin and its health, you must adjust the rate of drinking coffee.
and suffice with one cup of coffee per day. Many who have tried this, found that their skin became more moisturized and naturally.
in addition to that they became happier and more fun, and the rate of drinking water increased.
which was not It has a positive effect on their body as a whole.

And the secret that I will tell you is that you can eat apples instead of coffee, it will give you a feeling of energy without caffeine.
and you can have coffee that contains low levels of caffeine, it has less effect on your skin.

3-grilled meat and their effect on the skin

grilled meat and their effect on the skin
grilled meat and their effect on the skin

Everyone prefers grilled meat, especially on occasions, holidays, family meetings or with friends.
and most likely it is that grilled meat is useful and not like fried meat, but this is a mistake. the spots appear out.

So you’re doing nothing good for your skin if you’re eating grilled meat.
especially when you’re broadcasting from the piece that has the largest area of ​​delicious smoked black.
it’s the same substance you avoid in cigarettes, and you eat it in meat.

The secret that I will tell you is that it is okay to eat grilled meat, but in moderate quantities.
that is, you can enjoy with friends, but in moderation and awareness.
and look for pieces that do not contain traces of black burning, as they are of course less effective.

4-the salt

If you regularly drink enough water, and do not eat too much salt.
you will definitely feel lighter and less bloated.
because salt (sodium) intake works to retain fluid in the body (water and often unhelpful fluids) this first.
More importantly.
the presence of sodium in greater than normal rates has a serious effect on your skin.
such as fatigue, sagging and grains.

So sodium causes high blood pressure, fluid retention in the body.
which may appear as puffiness under the eyes, and the skin appears with an older age.
so it is important not to excessively salt.
in addition to canned or ready-made foods that are rich in salt and sodium.

The secret that I will tell you is that in the beginning you will feel a little strange because of not adding salt to the food.
so you will feel as if the food is missing a lot.
but after a few days you will get used to it.
and you will not be able to eat the food with added salt.

5-milk and its effect on the skin

milk and its effect on the skin

It is surprising if I tell you that whole or skimmed milk contains substances that cause you skin problems, grains, pimples and sagging.
The matter is unknown to most people.

Milk enhances the secretion of fat in the skin by 40-60%, and the matter is not only milk but its products such as milk. and others.

What makes matters worse is our food dependence on milk and its products.
in addition to white bread and its derivatives.

However, we may be surprised by the reason for the constant presence of pimples and pimples on the face, so it is important to pay attention to reducing the quantities of milk that are eaten.

The secret that I will tell you is that you should not refrain from eating dairy products.
but you can eat them in moderation, but this point will make you rethink your view of vegetarians, and even think about becoming like them.

6-fried food

Surely you knew that you would find this in the list of foods that are the worst for your skin, in addition to containing large and many fats that deteriorate your health and skin, they are fried and unsaturated fats are added to them, which do not provide your body with any benefit at all, but rather increase weight .

In addition to harm to the skin, and gaining weight, it threatens your body with high cholesterol.
so it is important to avoid such foods, especially as we look at them as a kind of luxury.
but we associate them with joy and occasions.

The secret I’m going to tell you is that you can enjoy a small portion of fried food now and then, adding vegetables, cutting down on high-calorie sauces, and opting for smaller portions.

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