How Do I Care About My Mental And Physical Health?

How Do I Care About My Mental And Physical Health?

With the mother’s responsibilities and her preoccupation with the requirements of her children, husband, and home

she may forget to take care of herself, her Mental And Physical health, and meet her needs as well. Because Health Favour always wants you at your best, you know with us in this article the answer to this question. “How Do I Care About My Mental And Physical Health?”

And how you spend time alone in your many life tasks. How Do I Care about Mental And Physical Health? Self-care is divided into several parts. It is important to take care of mental health that will help you take all the steps you want.

Take care of your physical health for better health and increase your ability to perform your tasks.

As well as take care of your beauty, which will increase your self-confidence and delight your husband.

How do I care about my mental health?

One of the most important factors in the formation of a healthy and happy person in his life is mental health, and to take care of it follow the following steps:

1- sleep comfortably and stable at night.

2- Sitting with friends and loved ones, the sit-in of those we love promotes mental health.

3-Share with those close to you what you’re going through. Sharing laughs and even sharing sorrows is very useful for the soul.

4-Plan a trip, and it doesn’t have to be long, but you can plan a trip even if one day with your friends. Break the routine and have some fun.

5-Take time for yourself, whether to meditate, listen to music or any activity you prefer.

6-Read a story or book with your favorite drink, which will separate you from reality completely and make you feel a little relaxed.

7- Learning a new hobby.

Many studies have shown that learning something new as a language or craft improves an individual’s mood. You can share your favorite hobby with your child, so you have fun together.

8-Strengthen the relationship between you and your children, and make sure you communicate with them individually and daily.

9- Learn to reject anything that offends you and harasses you, and do not accept anything just because you are embarrassed by rejection.

10- Learn to accept the help of others. So you can hire a psychologist if you want to without feeling ashamed.

How do I care about my physical health?

How Do I Care About My Mental And Physical Health?
How Do I Care About My Mental And Physical Health?

Follow these steps to take care of your physical health:

1-Take care of healthy and nutritious food, and stay away from fast food with high fats and sugars.

2- Exercise periodically, and it doesn’t need to go down to a gym, you can do some exercise at home.

3-Take care to drink water regularly, as water has magical benefits you don’t expect.

4-Don’t underestimate your body, if you feel pain or fatigue, don’t ignore it, you can visit a specialist to check on your health.

5-Always read about women’s health to learn more tips and information that may benefit your health.

How do I take time for myself?

We always know that a mother’s time is not hers.

She always has a lot of different tasks related to home, work, and children, but taking care of yourself is a priority in your life so you can take care of your family and home.

Being a mother is the hardest job in the whole world, especially if you’re a working mother too.

You have many responsibilities all the time that make you tired and stressed at the end of every day.

When friends advise you to take a little time off to yourself amid the hustle and bustle of everyday tasks, you wonder: How do I do that? And when?

So Health Favour offers you some time-organizing tips for the housewife and the working mother as well.

Tips to organize your time :

1- First of all, we’ll agree that the daily home requirements don’t and won’t really end, so delay your daily laundry or daily cleaning list a little bit, so you can rest and take time to pamper yourself, so you can come back to your tasks with love and psychological comfort.

2-Know darling, that this little time you give yourself will help you organize your thoughts that may have clustered within your brain. It will give you the clarity needed to find solutions to the daily problems you thought were impossible.

3-Take advantage of when your children go to school, it’s the time from morning to afternoon. If your kids are of an age they’re allowed to go.

4-If your children are of an age to go to nursery, go out with your best friend, go to the beauty salon without rush, or shop for things without your child crying constantly.

5-Hit more than one bird with one stone, for example instead of ordering groceries by phone, go buy it yourself, then go to the market to buy vegetables and fruit.

6-While you do all that, think about things to leave you or talk to a friend on the phone or shop together, so you’ll have a good time while you do other work.

7- Agree with your husband to leave your baby to him from one to two hours every several days or twice a week. Quietly tell him that this is your right to renew your energy and activity so that you do not fall into the trap of depression and disease.

you can also ask parents and sisters for help to do the same.

8- Wake up an hour early before your kids. This advice is tried and already applied me daily, at this hour do anything you love even if you hear your favorite music with your breakfast quietly, this watch will give you a sense of comfort throughout your whole day.

The importance of having a schedule

How Do I Care About My Mental And Physical Health?
How Do I Care About My Mental And Physical Health?

let me first tell you the importance of having a schedule of daily tasks.

From my personal experience, I found it difficult for the human mind to bear the long list of tasks.

which he needed to carry out every day.

I noticed that I missed important things I had to do, and I do others that were at the end of the list.

The menu also gives you a sense of achievement, and you can also evaluate your performance, so you’ll find time for yourself, and you’ll be happy to look at the end of the day for your completed to-do list.

The non-working mother

here will provide you with a to-do list or schedule that can be appropriate for your daily tasks.

You should never forget to put the “I” box on your schedule, and if it’s only five minutes, you definitely need it.

It’s best to put a menu on a monthly basis, so it’s easy for you to shop for everything you actually need.

and in cleaning, put in a monthly cleaning plan as well.

Including once a week you clean the house deeply “i.e. lift the furniture and clean under it” for each room.

which would be better than cleaning the whole house in one day.

And in the laundry table, wash once.

Working mothers

Working mothers will have to set up the same schedule, but the change will be on time.

simple tasks begin before they go out to work.

The rest of the tasks are postponed after returning from work.

It is preferable for a working woman to prepare lunch just before she sleeps, and leave it ready to heat and eat when she returns from work. This will save her effort and time.

It will be the deep cleaning day you will put on her day off.

Although I would prefer not to draw up a long to-do list on the day off so that it is a real vacation.

Finally, once you’ve put in the “Time for Me Alone” rule, you’ll find yourself resorting to saving this time in various ways. And the surprise is that you’ll make it, even if it’s a few minutes a day.

Tips for sticking to the daily schedule

Waking up early

from the basics of time-organizing methods, you won’t expect how many tasks you’ll be able to accomplish if you wake up early. You’ll have your day from start to finish.

Reducing the use of social media

social media is now the most time-wasting cause.

just one hour a day to browse Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, respond to WhatsApp messages and follow the news. You can split this watch twice a day, half an hour at a time.

This method will save you a lot of time.

Record important appointments

record appointments that you may forget in the rush of daily life in your phone note or paper note.

Before agreeing to any appointment to complete an order, be sure to review your appointments, so that you are not surprised to meet two tasks at the same time, you cannot accomplish either.

Prioritization is always your priority

if your exercise is the most important time for you to go out with your friends, go to your appointment and set another alternative time to go out with them.

Don’t put yourself up, you can never do everything, so be realistic so you don’t get frustrated, or you can’t do everything.

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