Causes of breastfeeding problems in infants

breastfeeding problems

Breastfeeding problems in infants

Although the difficulty of breastfeeding in infants is not widely spread, breastfeeding the infants as soon as possible after his birth.

Automatically helps prevent many health problems, as studies and research of the American Academy of Pediatrics have shown the need to delay the weight, measure and wash the newborn and protect the same, until the completion of his first breast feeding.

Breastfeeding difficulties – especially breastfeeding – can be overcome by adhering to hospital procedures, constantly training in the recommendations and advice of nurses and hospital staff, and talking with pathologists.

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And lactation consultants in different medical centers. However, there are many different factors and situations that can negatively affect the Successful breastfeeding, even if the mother follows the recommendations and recommendations of the medical authorities responsible for breastfeeding the infants.

The most important of these factors are the following:

inverted nipples

Inverted or deflated nipples can often be a major cause of difficulty breastfeeding, so mothers need additional support to breastfeed their infants, and problems resulting from the nipples must be treated immediately after birth.

By extending the nipple manually several times during the day, or using a pump or plastic syringe to pop the nipple; So that the newborn can put it in his mouth.

Raynaud’s disease

It is very rare for nipple pain to cause vascular spasm of the nipple, but the lack of blood flowing properly in the nipple causes its whiteness, and this occurs due to trauma to the nipple during early breastfeeding.

Or exposure to candida infection in the nipple, knowing that the intensity of the pain ranges from and between breastfeeding cycles.

Excess milk

Excessive milk flow occurs when milk is ejected excessively from the breast during feeding, which causes the baby to consume large amounts of milk and quickly, even swallowing air while it is swallowing the milk.

Milk stagnation

Milk stagnation occurs when the milk duct is clogged, and the milk does not descend from it appropriately, and this may affect part of the breast, and is not related to any diseases or infection. The natural.

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