6 Benefits of sage oil for the body

Sage oil benefits

General benefits of sage oil

Sage leaf contains many benefits for health and beauty, as it is considered one of the most important components of the preparations used to maintain and care for the beauty of the skin, as the continuous use of sage oil rejuvenates the skin cells in the body and thus the skin and hair become healthier, and when using cosmetics for hair that contain Sage oil as one of its components, this makes the hair more strong because this oil controls the production of oil in the body, which in turn reduces the rate of hair becoming greasy, and restores the hair’s natural luster and color without the need to use chemical products.

Sage oil is obtained from the sage seeds. This oil consists of monounsaturated fats, antioxidants, and a lot of minerals and vitamins. Despite its many benefits, the amount of its production in the world is limited so far due to the lack of efficiency and proper methods for extracting it from sage grains.

Reducing menstrual cramps

One small study that was conducted on 48 women who suffered from menstrual cramps, as they gave a group of women a cream containing this oil and some other essential oils to apply to the lower abdomen daily between two menstrual cycles, and it was found that women who used the cream had decreased uterine contractions Significantly.

Wound healing

Diluted sage oil contains some types of bacteria that can effectively treat wounds along with some other traditional treatments. surgery, or diabetes.

Memory improvement

A clinical trial published in the journal Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior, funded by Oxford Natural Products, showed that young people who took sage oil capsules improved their performance on a word recall test. Supporting brain health, speeding up the work of nerves.

Skin Moisturizing

The oil is usually used to reduce the appearance of signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin. It is also used in the manufacture of many cosmetics for skin care, such as: anti-aging creams, anti-spot creams, and creams that contribute to the prevention of scars, cracks, and other unwanted marks on the skin.

Alzheimer’s disease treatment

A study from the University of Michigan demonstrated that using 60 drops of sage oil daily for four months effectively contributed to enhancing the cognitive and cognitive performance of Alzheimer’s patients, as sage oil is believed to work by supporting neurotransmitters in the brain, although there is still More research is needed to confirm the correct way in which sage oil is used for Alzheimer’s patients.

Benefits of sage oil for hair

  • it contains hair color pigments that rejuvenate the hair follicle cells and activate them to restore the original color of the hair. To get the black color, we mix sage oil with boiled sesame.
  • Sage oil stimulates cells and works to stimulate blood circulation, and thus the arrival of blood loaded with oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.
  • It helps to get rid of dandruff by adding it to your shampoo when you shower.
  • the oil increases the length of the hair, makes it thicker, and reduces its fall and split ends.
  • Sage oil is used as a moisturizer for dry hair.
  • Helps hair gain its natural color, gives it softness and makes it more vibrant.
  • Helps get rid of and hide gray hair.
  • Eliminates skin infections on the scalp.

There are three ways to use this oil to maintain hair, which are:

  • The first method: by boiling cloves with a tablespoon of sage oil or sage leaves and placing it on the hair at night for four days to get rid of gray hair and get the original color.
  • The second method, as mentioned earlier, is by adding sage oil to the sesame boil until the color of the hair becomes black.
  • The third method is by soaking three to four leaves of sage, and then washing the hair with the soak to strengthen the hair and protect it from breakage.
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