Benefits of grapefruit for pregnant women

Grapefruit for pregnant women

Benefits of grapefruit for pregnant women

Grapefruit for pregnant women has many benefits. In this article, we will learn about some of these benefits

Grapefruit is one of the fruits rich in many important nutrients and vitamins during pregnancy, and essential for the
growth of the fetus.

Such as B vitamins, potassium, and calcium, but it is worth noting that there are no studies confirming the safety of
using grapefruit during pregnancy.

And there are some other citrus fruits that a pregnant woman can Ingested, and the following is a mention of it:


Oranges are an excellent source of a number of nutrients; As it contains water, which makes it able to keep the body
hydrated and healthy, it also contains vitamin C.

Which helps absorb iron, and contributes to reducing cell damage, and in addition, oranges contain folate, which can
contribute to the prevention of brain and spinal cord abnormalities.

In the fetus; This is done by contributing to reducing the risk of the fetus developing neural tube defects, which may
cause conditions such as spina bifida.

It is a condition in which the spinal cord does not develop properly, or the so-called anencephaly; It is a condition in
which a large part of the brain and skull is missing.


Lemon may provide some benefits that can help a pregnant woman to get rid of some of the symptoms that she
suffers from during pregnancy.

Where many women indicated that absorbing lemon, or drinking lemon water or lemon drink helped them get rid of
nausea associated with pregnancy.

In addition, lemon contains a high amount of vitamin C that contributes to stimulating the digestive system to relieve
constipation, but it is recommended to wash Mouth after eating lemon so as not to cause erosion of the tooth

Other useful fruits for pregnant women

Vegetables and fruits in general are foods rich in nutrients, as adding them to the diet and diversifying them ensures
obtaining most of the vitamins, minerals and fibers needed by the pregnant and fetus’s body.

Sweets. In addition, the pregnant woman should eat at least 2-4 servings of fruits per day. Among the fruits that are
useful for pregnant women are the following:


Where a cup of this fruit can provide the body with 100% of the recommended amount (Recommended Dietary
Allowance) of vitamin C, mango also contains high amounts of vitamin A.

Which can help prevent vitamin A deficiency at birth that may reduces immunity, and increases the risk of some
complications; such as diarrhea or a respiratory infection.


Avocado contains a number of nutrients that help relieve some of the symptoms associated with pregnancy, as some
women indicated their contribution to relieving their nausea.

The reason for this may be that it contains potassium and magnesium, and potassium also contributes to relieving leg
cramps; It is one of the symptoms associated with pregnancy.

Especially in the last three months. In addition, avocados contain choline, which is important for the development of
the child’s brain and nerves.

Its deficiency can lead to neural tube defects and permanent memory impairment. It also contains iron, folate, and
some vitamins; Such as C, K, B, and E, dietary fiber, and copper.


Almost half of women experience constipation during pregnancy, which may be due to uterine pressure on the
intestines, anxiety, a low-fiber diet.

Or the presence of iron in prenatal vitamins, and bananas can help alleviate this; Being rich in dietary fiber, it is also a
good source of potassium, vitamin C.

And vitamin B6, which can help relieve nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy, according to research conducted at
Shiraz University in 2014.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits contain the same nutrients as fresh ones.

Pregnant women can get the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals but in smaller portions by eating dried
fruits, but they can contain more sugar.

And they do not contain water; That is, it may not help the digestion process, so it is preferable to eat it in moderation,
and not to eat it instead of fresh fruits.

Fruits recommended for pregnant women to avoid

In normal cases, unless the pregnant woman suffers from any complications during pregnancy; Like gestational
diabetes, there is no specific fruit that is recommended to be avoided.

But what is specifically recommended is washing fruits well and being careful not to eat them without washing; The
fruit can contain contaminants from the soil in which it was grown.

Such as harmful bacteria found in animal feces that cause toxoplasmosis, in addition to the possibility that they contain
pesticide residues.

Benefits of Grapefruit for pregnant women according to the degree of effectiveness

Grapefruit and the nutrients it contains can provide the human body with the following benefits:

Possibly Effective

Helping lose weight

A study conducted on mice and published in the American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism in
2010 stated that it is believed that grapefruit’s content of a substance called Nootkatone can contribute to promoting
weight loss.

Where it can activate certain proteins that help reduce obesity, by alleviating metabolic disorders, and on the other

Grapefruit contains fiber that slows down the speed of stomach emptying and increases digestion time, which
contributes to increasing the time of feeling full.

Insufficient Evidence

Promote heart health

Where some preliminary studies indicate that consuming the pectin fiber found in grapefruit daily for 16 weeks can
reduce total cholesterol levels.

And it can reduce the ratio of bad to good cholesterol, but this is not confirmed, and more studies are still needed to
confirm it.

Reducing triglyceride levels

Some preliminary studies suggest that eating a grapefruit daily may lower triglyceride levels in people with high
triglycerides, but the evidence for this is not yet sufficient.

Reducing symptoms in eczema patients

A recent research showed that grapefruit seed extract can reduce constipation, gas, and upset stomachs in people with
eczema; This may be due to its effect on gut bacteria, but the evidence is still insufficient to confirm this yet.

Improving cases of asthmatic patients

Where some preliminary research has shown that eating fruit rich in vitamin C can improve lung function in people
who suffer from asthma, but this needs many studies to confirm it.

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