Benefits of carrots for weight loss

Benefits of carrots for weight loss

Carrots contain few calories

Carrots are considered an effective option in losing weight, due to their low calories, as it contains 80 grams of cooked carrots on 24 calories.

Tomato and carrot soup for weight loss

One cup of carrots contains only 50 calories, which is only 3% of daily calories, and it should be noted that boiled carrots contain more calories than canned carrots, as a cup of boiled carrots contains 54 calories. While a cup of canned carrots contains only 37 calories.

Reducing water retention in the body

Carrot juice contributes to diuresis and reduces water retention, especially in pregnant women, and women who are in their menstrual cycle, as it helps to get rid of excess fluid in the body.

The presence of vitamins and minerals necessary for weight loss

Vitamin A contributes to reducing abdominal obesity: Research indicates that vitamin A may play an important role in reducing abdominal obesity, which constitutes the most dangerous type of obesity, as obese people in their bodies contain low levels of vitamin A, and the body By converting vitamin A from food into chemicals called retinoids, which interact with body cells and tissues, and some types of vitamin A affect the growth of new fat cells, fat storage, and obesity, and it should be noted that a cup of uncooked carrots contains It contains 408 percent of the daily value of vitamin A, while a cup of boiled carrots contains 532 percent of the daily value.

Iron helps in weight loss: this is by increasing the ability to exercise, athletic performance, transport of oxygen and energy, and it is reported that a glass of carrot juice contains 6.1 percent of the amount of iron, which represents 13.6 percent of the minimum iron needs. For men and women after menopause.

The minerals phosphorous and potassium enhance the use of energy in the body: they help build and repair muscles, and enhance the use of energy in the body. It is reported that a cup of carrot juice contains 14.1 percent of the daily needs for phosphorous, and 14.7 percent of the daily needs for potassium.

The minerals manganese and magnesium help regulate blood sugar
: one cup of carrot juice provides men with 13.3% of manganese and 7.8% of magnesium, while women get about 17.1% of manganese and 10.3% of magnesium. However, these two minerals may reduce weight loss; As a result of diabetes.

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