Acne causes of appearance and 9 treatment methods

Acne (causes of appearance - treatment methods)

In the article we will talk about Acne (causes of appearance – treatment methods).Pills, blackheads and blisters scattered on the face are the most common problems many suffer from,
Especially females where they affect the beauty of a woman’s skin, make her permanent insomnia and think about how to get rid of them permanently,
Acne appears in many forms such as black and white heads, blisters, etc.

Acne is defined as a skin disease that causes chronic inflammation, namely the appearance of acne and blisters in particular in the face and other parts of the body.

Why does acne appear in the face?

Acne causes and treatment methods

1- The production of sebaceous glands for large amounts of sebum:

resulting in its accumulation and mixing with dead skin cells to form together stoppers of hair follicles, causing them to close,
when these blocked bulbs are open to the skin, they are blackheads.
If these blocked vesicles are close to the surface of the skin, they swell outwards, forming a white head.
It is noted that because the face contains most of the sebaceous glands, youth pills usually appear in the face,
Sebaceous glands are known as small glands located near the surface of the skin and produce the fatty substance known as sebum to moisturize hair and skin in order to prevent it from drying out,
These glands are connected to hair follicles, which represent small holes in the skin through which each hair grows separately.

2-Accumulation of dead skin cells in pores:

When pores open sometimes sebum, bacteria, and dead skin cells may accumulate, causing them to become clogged.
Then these accumulated substances reach the subcutaneous
leaving its place a small red bump known as the prose.
These pimples may sometimes be full of pus due to a bacterial infection.
If these clogged pores open up too deeply in the skin, they may lead to larger lumps or abscesses of pimples called nodules that can be painful
you should also know that in some cases large cysts may look like acne.


The severity of acne infection and its recurrence in the future depend on the strain of bacteria causing it.
The type of bacteria that live on the skin and contribute to acne is called the Propionibacterium acnes. But not all acne bacteria lead to pimples
A strain of bacteria keeps the skin free of pimples.

Misconceptions about acne common among the general public

1-Acne due to poor hygiene

There’s a misunderstanding about acne’s association with poor hygiene.
Some believe that acne appears because the skin is not washed adequately
But in fact, washing surface oils produced by the skin has little role in preventing or treating acne.
Because it basically forms under the skin, washing or rubbing the skin can cause more severe acne symptoms.
It is therefore we recommend to gently clean your face twice a day using soap or a gentle lotion on the skin
It is also worth taking care to remove make-up without causing severe peeling of the skin.

2-Acne due to stress

Stress does not cause acne, but if acne is suffered in the first place, stress can worsen symptoms.
Acne may also appear as a side effect of certain medications used to treat stress or depression, and on the other hand, the social and emotional impact of acne symptoms may cause stress.

3- Intercourse

Intercourse does not affect the appearance of acne and does not improve its symptoms if it occurs.


Some believe that anemia contributes to the emergence of acne
But in fact, anemia has no role in that.


Some believe that acne is contagious or transmitted from person to person, but it is in fact the opposite.

Natural treatment methods to get rid of acne

1-Oats, lemon juice and tomatoes

Oats are used as a natural peeler to detoxify acne.
Lemon juice kills acne-causing bacteria.

When mixing oats with lemon juice, tomatoes it gives an effective result in acne treatment.

Ingredients : 1/2 cup oatmeal.
1 tablespoon lemon juice.
A tablespoon of tomatoes.
Preparation method: Put the ingredients in a blender, mixing them well for a soft paste.
Add water if the mixture is thick.
Apply to face for 20-25 minutes.
Then wash it with warm water, drying it.

2-Tea tree oil

Note: An inside hand test should be performed before using tea tree oil on the face.
Tea tree oil effectively treats acne and reduces infections that contribute to acne.
This oil also acts as a deep cleaner to penetrate the skin and open clogged pores
Which helps the healing process.
The method is:
Ingredients: 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil.
1 tablespoon coconut oil.
A piece of cotton.
Preparation method: Mix the oils together, then dip a piece of cotton into the mix, and place them on the affected area. Leave the mixture on the face for 10 minutes, then wash with warm water, and use a moisturizer suitable for the skin.

Repeat this method three times a day.

3-Lemon juice and rose water

Lemon juice and rose water are effective in the treatment of acne, according to the following method:
Ingredients: Lemon juice. Rose water.
Method: Mix the ingredients well. Wash the face and put the mixture on it
Leave for 25-30 minutes, then wash with water and dry.
Repeats the catcher daily.

4-Turmeric and coriander juice

This recipe is used to get rid of blackheads and blisters, and its method:
Ingredients: A little turmeric powder.
1 tablespoon coriander juice.
Method: Mix the ingredients well. Wash the face and place the mixture on it.
Repeats the catcher every night.

5-Cinnamon powder and honey

Used to treat pimples, and how they are used:
Ingredients: 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder.
A tablespoon of honey.
Half a teaspoon of turmeric.
Half a tablespoon of lemon.
Method: Put turmeric in a bowl then add cinnamon and then lemon and mix
Then add the honey and mix the ingredients well to get the mixture.
Place the mixture on the pimples and leave for 15-20 minutes,
Then wash with water, dry, and place the moisturizing cream.
Repeats the catcher once a day.

6-Honey and yogurt

Used for oily skin care and acne treatment, the way it is used is
Ingredients: Four teaspoons of low-fat yogurt.
2 teaspoons of honey.
Method: Mix the ingredients together, place the mixture on top and leave for 15 minutes.
Wash the face with warm water and rub gently and sprinkle cold or iced water.

7-Honey and lemon

Honey and lemon have an effect in acne treatment, and the way they are used is
Ingredients: 1 tablespoon honey.
Three to four points of lemon juice.
Method: Mix the ingredients, place the mixture on the face and leave to dry and then wash with cold water.

8-Mint and turmeric

Use mint and turmeric blend to get rid of grain traces
Ingredients: 1 teaspoon turmeric powder.
Half a tablespoon of mint juice.
Method: Mix the ingredients and place the mixture on the grains and their effects
Leave for 20 minutes, then wash the face with warm water.
Repeat the catcher twice a week.


Aloevera is used to get rid of grain traces, and its method is
Ingredients: Aloevera leaves.
Method: The gel of Aloevera is extracted from its leaves and placed on the face,
Leave for 10 minutes, then wash with cold water.
Note: Some recipes may be strong on sensitive skin and can cause allergies

Acne causes
Acne causes

Steps and tips to deal with acne

  • 1-Gently wash the acne-affected area twice a day.
  • 2-Avoid eating fatty foods, chocolate, pickles, and processed foods.
  • 3-Eat copious amounts of water.
  • 4-Use oil-free skin products.
  • 5-Avoid exposure to sunlight.
  • 6-Use the right type of lotion for oily or dry skin depending on skin type.
  • 7-Wash your hands before washing the face.
  • 8-Moisturize skin after washing your face
  • 9-And choose the right moisturizer for the skin type
  • 10-Peeling skin once a week, exfoliation removes dead skin cells using peeling products or preparing home peelers.
  • 11-Remove the effects of make-up before bedtime, because make-up closes the pores of the skin and causes the grains to appear in them. Avoid touching the skin with hands as it contains bacteria
  • 12-Avoid participating in special skin tools, such as make-up and a special facial towel.
  • 13-Wash your pillow constantly.
  • 14-Eat healthy food, eating omega-3 reduces skin inflammation, which you can find in salmon, sunflower seeds and almonds.
  • 15-Avoid drinking alcohol and stay away from smoking.
  • 16-Get enough sleep.
  • 17-Relax, by taking a relaxing bath, doing yoga or reading a book.
  • 18-Put sunscreen when you get out of the house at noon.
  • 19-Exercise performance: Half an hour’s daily exercise improves skin health, because this skin care routine maintains balance of hormone levels in the body and helps get rid of toxins through sweat, reducing the chance of pimples appearing in the skin
  • 20- Use of quality cosmetics: use Skin care products and oil-free protection and fragrances so as not to block skin pores, which contributes to reducing skin infections, acne and skin irritation

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