Abortion and pregnancy again

Abortion and pregnancy again

There are many women who, after having had an abortion or a pregnancy loss, wonder if they can return to a pregnancy or if the abortion will affect their fertility.

In this sense, we must distinguish by type of abortion. Pregnancy after a miscarriage is usually not a problem. However, an induced and involuntary abortion with a curettage can pose a risk to female fertility if not performed correctly.

Types of abortion

A miscarriage is the loss of a fetus before the 20th week of pregnancy.
either spontaneously or induced, and accordingly, the effect on fertility and the woman’s body will be greater or less severe.

Types of abortion
Types of abortion

Spontaneous abortion

It occurs naturally, usually in the form of bleeding and severe abdominal pain. It is common in the first weeks of pregnancy. The earlier the loss occurs, the lower the potential consequences for fertility.

In many cases, especially in cases of more advanced miscarriages, a curettage is required.
which is scraping of the uterine walls to remove potential fetal tissue that remained in the womb after the miscarriage.

It is a surgical intervention, so if not done properly, it can affect a woman’s fertility.

Many women go through a miscarriage without affecting future perceptions.

However, if a recurrent miscarriage occurs, the woman’s situation must be analyzed to determine the cause and search for a solution that will allow the pregnancy to develop.

Induced abortion

This is known as the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, because it is the woman who decides to terminate the pregnancy.

However, if it occurs after the first eight weeks of pregnancy, surgery will be necessary. We then talk about surgical abortion, and like every uterine surgical intervention, there are certain risks to future reproductive ability.

This last type of abortion can be performed in two ways:


It is more common if the miscarriage occurred before week 12. It consists in eliminating the fetus by aspiration through a syringe or pump. requires local or general anesthesia.

Dilation and curettage

The goal is to open the cervix and remove part of the lining of the cavity by means of a curettage (scrape or curettage).

This procedure is very similar to cases of scraping after a spontaneous abortion.

It is also necessary that it be performed by an experienced expert in order to avoid possible negative consequences.

abortion risks

Most health professionals value abortion as a low-risk procedure without a serious impact on fertility and future pregnancies. In fact, if the miscarriage was natural and without complications.

However, if the abortion is surgical, as such, it does carry risks. The main side effects that can lead to infertility are:

  • Female genital tract ruptures.
  • vaginal bleeding;
  • Genital tract infection.
  • Damage to the cervix.
  • uterine bleeding;
  • Perforation of the uterus.
  • Intra-abdominal abscess: If left untreated, it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease.

Possible effects and risks of abortion

In the case of a surgical abortion, in addition to the risk of injury to the uterus, changes in other organs.
such as the intestines and bladder can occur.

We must not forget that although performing it correctly is a low-risk operation.
the use of unprofessional methods of inducing an abortion can have serious consequences for women, not only in terms of their fertility.
but also their general health.

When does pregnancy occur after abortion

Unfortunately, miscarriages happen more often than we would like. Many pregnancies end in miscarriage in the early stages of fetal development. Even before a woman finds out she’s pregnant.

Most of these miscarriages are condition specific and do not prevent a new pregnancy. The exception is in cases of recurrent miscarriage, the main cause of which is chromosomal abnormality.

We can also find difficulties in achieving pregnancy after multiple curettages, as this increases the possibility of uterine infections.

Another possible miscarriage-related operation that can complicate pregnancy is uterine dilation. This procedure can weaken the uterus and lead to cervical insufficiency, which is the neck that dilates prematurely.

Can I get pregnant again immediately after a miscarriage

Although studies suggest it’s possible, many professionals recommend waiting for at least one or two menstrual cycles after a miscarriage to start over in the pregnancy.

In any case, it will depend on the time, place and characteristics of each woman.

Is it possible to achieve pregnancy after a spontaneous abortion without curettage

In the most common cases, yes. Many women miscarry early without affecting their fertility.

What is worrying is that this situation is repeated more than three times.

In this case, we are talking of recurrent miscarriages.
and you will need to have specific fertility tests to determine the cause.

What is the method of abortion in the advanced stages of pregnancy without affecting fertility

An abortion becomes necessary if fetal development has stopped without the fetus being expelled from the mother’s body, i.e. when the fetus dies.
but the woman’s body is unable to expel it.

It can also be carried out with certain medications for this. and by a specialist to avoid affecting the woman’s fertility.

Is Pregnancy After Abortion Good

No, pregnancy immediately after a miscarriage is not good at all, as it greatly affects a woman’s health.
making her less energy and active, in addition to the possibility of her suffering from anemia. and other diseases
Doctors recommend waiting for at least three months before trying to conceive and have children again.
and you should consult your doctor first to find out the appropriate timing for pregnancy to occur.

You should also talk to the doctor about practicing intimacy after the abortion.

Where some abortions, doctors recommend waiting for at least two weeks before intercourse, in order to reduce the risk of any complications in the woman.
and the most prominent complications that can occur during intercourse some abortions are the following:

  • bacterial infection;
  • Cervical lacerations.
  • Uterine perforation.
  • uterine bleeding

Things to pay attention to when pregnant after a abortion

In the event that you are thinking about becoming pregnant after an abortion.

Genital health check

It must be ensured that there is no health problem in the reproductive system that resulted from the abortion process.
and this is through conducting some tests by a gynecologist.

By reassuring the health of the reproductive system, the woman can practice intimacy normally.
but if any problem appears in the reproductive system.
the woman may need some therapeutic measures before intercourse and pregnancy after the abortion again.

Beware of cervical weakness

‚ÄčThe cervix usually becomes weak after an abortion, so the woman must make sure of its safety, and to restore the health of the uterus.
the woman must do Kegel exercises that help strengthen the pelvic area and uterus.

The woman should also eat the healthy foods that the body needs during this stage.

so that the pregnancy after the abortion is healthy and not at risk.

Follow up with the doctor

Follow up with the doctor
Follow up with the doctor

When you return to intercourse and try to get pregnant, you must follow up with the gynecologist during this stage.
to reassure the health of the reproductive system and the absence of any problem impeding pregnancy.
as well as to ensure that the body is ready for pregnancy again.

In the event of any problem or feeling severe pain during intercourse.
the woman should tell the doctor about this, and she should ask him all the questions on her mind and talk to him about the concerns that cause her concern.

Avoid stress and anxiety

In the event that a woman suffers from a bad psychological state due to the abortion.
she must wait for a period of time until she becomes psychologically qualified to have intercourse.
and become pregnant again after the abortion.

You should look for ways to relieve stress and stay away from things that remind a woman of abortion.
with the help of her husband and close people.

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